Unilever Reveals Fragrance Ingredients For More Than 1,000 Home and Personal Care Products

It's the first major household brand to do it.

Credit: Dove

Leading multinational food and personal care company Unilever has released fragrance ingredients on more than 1,100 beauty and personal care products found in 15 brands including Dove, TRESemmé, Suave, and Axe.

Considered proprietary trade secrets, brands are not required by federal law to disclose fragrance ingredients beyond denoting “fragrance” on labels. But growing concerns over ingredients, such as phthalates and parabens, which have been linked to human health issues, have consumers seeking more transparency from brands.

“We are more committed than ever to transparency and building trust in Unilever and our brands,” said Amanda Sourry, president of Unilever North America, said in a statement. “With the completion of our fragrance disclosure initiative, people now have access to more detailed ingredient information for the products they use and love from Unilever. We are very happy to see that other companies in the industry have announced plans to disclose fragrance ingredients in the future.”

Unilever says consumers can view the full fragrance listing down to 0.01 percent of the formula.

The announcement comes after the launch of the new household brand, Love Home and Planet, which launched with 38 SKUs into Target stores nationwide earlier this month. Unilever has set a 2030 deadline for halving the environmental impact of all of its products.

Unilever will also update its U.S. packaging labels to list fragrance allergens in accordance with current European Union labeling regulations.

The brand encourages consumers to reference the SmartLabel digital platform to quickly access full ingredients listings. Unilever says using the SmartLabel platform allows it “to provide explanations of each ingredient.” It’s also using the platform to provide information on product safety measures, explanation of ingredient types, and addressing common customer questions.

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