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Will Ferrell Taunts Robert Redford, Has No Idea You Can't Move an Ocean [Video]

will ferrell

Will(iam) Ferrell and Robert Redford in one hilarious and important video for Raise the River? It's almost too much to handle.

The Raise the River campaign could help restore the Colorado River Delta, including more than 2,300 acres of forest and marsh land. The river is currently under the dominion of Minute 319, which allows the U.S. and Mexico to manage the river's shortages and surpluses until 2017. Raise the River hopes to secure long-term solutions to the river's health through the campaign.

But, of course, the whole thing is a farce to make you laugh and hopefully text a donation to the campaign. We think it's worth it just to watch Will Ferrell have the guts to tell "mountain man" Robert Redford to spend his time doing something else. "You can eat shit, Robert Redford," he said. "You can eat a lot of it."

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