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Will Mike Tyson Open a Vegan Restaurant?


You don't get to be the Heavyweight Champion of the world by being predictable. This is doubly true for Mike Tyson, who is rumored to be discussing plans to open a Kosher and vegan restaurant. You read right. The Champ chomps tofu and he wants you to join him.

The 44 year old boxing phenomenon has led an exceptional life—becoming the youngest boxer in history to win heavyweight titles, his tumultuous marriage to Robin Givens, serving three years in prison for sexual assault, his taste for ears, DUIs and drug possession charges and losing his hard-earned fortune to gambling, forcing him to declare bankruptcy.

Despite the many hardships, Tyson takes them all like the true champion he is, battling his way back into the hearts of America with appearances on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), a cameo in the blockbuster 2009 hit, "The Hangover," and he will also appear in the upcoming sequel ("The Hangover Part II") alongside fellow vegan, Bill Clinton. While money may still be tight, Tyson seems to have found peace with living simply; most grateful for his loving wife and children and his supportive fans. Perhaps it's the humbleness Mike Tyson has experienced over the years and the controversies that made the vegan diet such a logical step. Follow his Twitter page and you'll see him discuss how good he feels, how he's gotten to a healthier weight and just how truly happy he seems about everything. 

From the Organic Authority Files

He'll be on Larry King Live on December 2nd, perhaps announcing his vegan restaurant plans. Whether the rumors turn out to be true or not, Tyson does a great service to the animals just by publically discussing his diet choice. Like fellow high profile celebs who've recently come out of the refrigerator, when a man of such power and intensity is capable of feeling satisfied by eating an ear of corn instead of, well, you get the point.

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