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Wine-Fed Beef?


Here are two trends that I support: having good-tasting beef, and treating animals well, even if the eventual goal is to eat them. Grass-fed beef, for example, is a great thing. So why does the idea of giving wine to cows seem so strange?

Janice Ravndahl, a rancher from Kelowna, British Columbia, has been giving wine to her cows. For their last 90 days, each cow gets a liter of wine a day. Not only does their meat taste better, but the cows don't seem to mind, either.

"Once they have it, they're happy to have it again. They moo at one another a little more and seem more relaxed. There are a few that lap it up out of the pail. After they've had it for a while, when they see us coming with the pitchers, they don't run, but they come faster than usual."

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From the Organic Authority Files

Ravndahl said she got the idea after watching Gordon Ramsay feed beer to pigs on the F Word. After her brother told her why beer wouldn't be good for cows (the carbonation makes them bloated), she decided to try giving them wine, and hasn't looked back since.

So what's next? Whiskey chicken? Vodka duck?

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Image Credit: Robert S. Donovan

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