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Woman's Chemical-Free Bubble, Popped!


A Pennsylvania court has ordered an environmentally sick woman OUT of her toxin-free, steel and porcelain shed. The Associated Press reports:

Elizabeth Feudale-Bowes, 52, says she was diagnosed several years ago with "environmental illness," described as extreme sensitivity to everyday substances.

Some doctors question whether environmental illness is a genuine physical disorder and suggest it is psychological. Feudale-Bowles says she was diagnosed by Dr. William Rea of Texas, who has been accused by the Texas Medical Board of promoting "pseudoscience." He vigorously disputes the charge and continues to see patients.

Feudale-Bowes says fabric softener, nail polish, perfume, new sneakers, upholstery and many other items can make her body go haywire. She says she has suffered from a range of chronic ailments, including migraines, joint pain, bladder inflammation, seizures and temporary paralysis. Her insides, she says, have sometimes felt like "fire with ground glass in it."

The judge insists the problem is NOT the legitimacy of her condition, but rather, NON-compliance of zoning laws.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Here's more info on environmental illness:

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