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5 Ways to Use Nut Milk Bags (Besides Making Nut Milk)

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Nut Milk Bag Uses


There’s more to the nut milk bag than its essential role as a filtration device for making homemade nut milk. Surprisingly, the nut milk bag is quite handy and diverse in its applications! Don’t stop at nut milks - get more out of your nut milk bag by using it all around the kitchen. Here's how.

5 Alternative Ways to Use the Nut Milk Bag

1. Making Juice

You don’t need a juicer to make juice. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong. If you can’t afford a high-quality slow or cold-pressed juicer (which don’t generate heat and thus allow fruits and vegetables to retain their high nutrient contact), use your blender and nut milk bag instead. Into your blender, throw in a high-water containing vegetable, like cucumber or celery, an apple, a lemon (peeled), a handful of greens, and a nob of ginger. Blend until smooth. Use the nut milk bag to squeeze out the juice into a glass or pitcher. The result: makeshift cold-pressed juice!

2. Simmering an Herb Sachet

Some herbs are meant to infuse a dish with their aromatic flavors without leaving a gritty, herby residue. Fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, and bay leaves, among others are rougher and merely meant to add flavor, not substance. Instead of fishing them out of your next soup or sauce, fill them into a nut milk bag, tie the bag’s top closed, and let the herb-filled bag simmer in the pot, with its top end exposed for easy removal later.

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3. Making Cold-Brewed Coffee

You don’t need special cold-brew equipment to achieve cold-brew coffee (and its benefits). In a large container, add twelve-ounces of coarse ground fresh coffee beans. Add in seven cups of water. Stir to moisten all of the ground coffee. Cover the container with the nut milk bag and let the container sit at room temperature for 15 hours. Remove the nut milk bag and use it as a fine mesh sieve into which to pour the mixture, which is collected in a large pitcher. Chill and store for up to two weeks.

4. Making Clarified Butter

In making clarified butter (detailed in this ghee recipe), there is a step in which you have to separate the milk solids from the liquid. This step is a lot easier with the help of a nut milk bag.

5. Sprouting

Sprout nuts, grains, and seeds in a nut milk bag. First add the nuts, grains, or seeds into the bag, soak the filled bag overnight with water, drain the bag, and hang it on its drawstring. Rinse it with fresh water once per day. A few days later, the sprouting will start!

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