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Kitchen Tool of the Season: Coleman RoadTrip Grill


Coleman RoadTrip Grill When you want to enjoy some seriously tasty grilled food but can't find room or reason to drag along a patio barbecue, pack up this RoadTrip Grill by Coleman. Totally portable and easy to set up, it runs on a 16.4-oz. propane cylinder and puts out 20,000 BTUs. And, it's adaptable to work with a 20-pound propane tank. It features removable "mix and match" surfaces, so it triples as a grill, stove or griddle with a total of 285 sq. inches of cooking surface. For cooking with large pots and pans, simply detach the lid. It has authentic drip-through grilling with a removable grease drip pan. Side tables provide extra space for food prep and holding already-cooked food, while hooks hold spatulas and more. It lights with the push of a button; the two burners are fully adjustable and work independently. For transporting, the lid locks securely and side tables detach. Plus, in addition to these features, you get one added bonus - a booklet of tailgating recipes sure to tantalize those tastebuds!Please Note: Gift Wrapping is not available for this item.

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