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10 Homemade Condiments for All Your Summer Eats


Although it's just about here, you don't have to wait until the 4th of July for fireworks, or for a reason to turn on the grill. There are plenty of oohs and aahs to be had when you give your guests the fixin's table makeover. That's right; ditch the squeeze bottles and make way for these easy, tasty, homemade condiments for all your summer eats.


From veggie burgers to grilled potatoes, this spicy ketchup does the trick without the BPA (bisphenol-A) plastic bottle contamination or the genetically modified corn syrup. While we're all trained to expect the Heinz flavor profile, leave yourself open to new possibilities and you'll be glad you ditched the bottle for good.


No self-respecting veggie dog would be complete without a healthy helping of relish and mustard. Fortunately, both are incredibly easy to make and can taste worlds beyond the stuff sitting on supermarket shelves. Use your garden fresh cukes in the relish and you can even harvest seeds fromwild mustard growing abundantly right now to add to your spicy homemade dijon or grainy no-it's-not-Grey-Poupon.

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From the Organic Authority Files


Dare to top your grill fare with a bit of the exotic. If ketchup and mustard don't do it for you and your guests, dollop on the chutneys—whether you opt for a sweet and tangy fruity chutney or a bit of the cool coriander, they'll surely add some sparks to your holiday barbecue.


Perhaps you're a die-hard south of the border junkie… in which case, top any and everything with these three easy homemade salsas and the super 2-minute guacamole! Mix them up together for a super sweet burger topping, use them as dips before the meal and make sure you grab a spoonful or two for yourself as they're always guaranteed to go fast!

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