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Sweet, Savory and Succulent: 15 Seasonal Persimmon Recipes

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It's persimmon season! Whether you pick these beauties off of your own backyard tree or find them at your local market, you'll want to make the most of the delectable fruits while you can. Once out of season, they're widely unavailable (not to mention pricey!) so if you're a fan, use these persimmon recipes while these gorgeous, versatile fruits last.

While most often used in desserts, persimmons have a place at the savory table, too. When cooked in a savory dish, the fuyu variety can resemble a blend between the taste of an apricot and the texture of a meaty mushroom. Try persimmons blanched, peeled and diced, then cooked in any recipe that you’d normally make with mushrooms. Or try any of these 15 delicious seasonal persimmon dishes.

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  1. Pumpkin-Persimmon Muffins: These healthy (and vegan) beauties are not only a great way to use your persimmons, but they're also a great treat for the pumpkin lovers, making these the perfect fall breakfast muffin.
  2. Chocolate Persimmon Muffins: If chocolate is more your style, try David Lebovitz’s version made with both cocoa powder and chocolate chunks. Yum.
  3. Persimmon Tarte Brioche: This visual stunner will make an impression on your brunch guests and the recipe is a simple bread dough topped with persimmon slices and cane sugar, so you won’t be in the kitchen all morning.
  4. Persimmon-Orange Jam: Want to be able to spread that persimmon goodness on just about anything? Try this jam and you can! Plus, since it uses oranges, too, you’ll be able to savor the more expensive persimmons a bit more frugally.
  5. Persimmon Scones: One of the best ways to highlight any fruit---scones. These simple persimmon scones will make even the uninitiated fall in love with the versatile fruit.
  6. Persimmon Puree: If you have wee ones in your home, one of the simplest ways to use your persimmons is for persimmon baby food. For babies over 12 months old, add a little cinnamon for flavor.
  7. Persimmon Salsa: As an appetizer or as a topping for fish, our persimmon salsa is a fresh autumn treat.
  8. Cranberry Pomegranate Persimmon Relish: This blend of fall seasonal all-stars is a delicious alternative to traditional cranberry relish.
  9. Persimmon Mache Salad: This lettuce salad, highlighted by persimmon and pomegranates, is a refreshing change from the usual sweet persimmon pairings.
  10. Quinoa Persimmon Salad: A great main dish for vegetarians at holiday get-togethers, this complete protein salad with persimmon and goat cheese is great for parties.
  11. Prosciutto-Wrapped Persimmons: Bacon or prosciutto-wrapped persimmons are gaining popularity throughout the culinary world with persimmons starring in this hearty savory dish. Top them with our sweet autumn drizzle and they’ll be a hit.
  12. Persimmon Punch: This punch is a great way to spice up your holidays! Persimmon punch can even be made with dried persimmons after the season has ended.
  13. Persimmon Cinnamon Tea: Try this persimmon tea for a soothing hot bevvy on a chilly fall afternoon.
  14. Cider-Spiked Persimmon Bread: One of the all-time favorite preparations for persimmons is spice bread. And our cider-spiked version is a special treat.
  15. Persimmon Cookies: Try these persimmon stunners cut in festive leaf shapes for your next get-together. Bonus--they only have five ingredients!

For a full array of persimmon treats, head to Persimmon Pinterest Board.

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