4 Savory Pie Recipes Perfect for Meatless Monday: Get Rolling in the Dough!

Rolling in the Dough: 4 Savory Pie Recipes Perfect for Meatless Monday

There’s nothing more warming, more comforting than the perfect pie, and while sweet versions aim to please, we love these savory pie recipes just as much. To top it all off, these pies aren’t just delicious, they’re also entirely vegetarian, making them perfect for Meatless Monday. Take a taste of the variety in our selection, and choose your favorite for a comforting Monday night supper.

A quiche by any other name… is pretty much just an open pie. This French classic has been revisited more times than we can count, but this wintery spinach and arugula quiche tops our list for flavor. A ricotta cheese base is the perfect foil for peppery arugula and minerally spinach. Perhaps the best thing about a quiche, however, is that it can be made in advance, so get this quiche baked on Sunday when you have time, and warm it up in the oven before serving.

Winter Who?: A Vegetarian Pot Pie Recipe to Make You Forget the Cold

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Step aside, chicken pot pie — our vegetarian pot pie is even more delicious than the classic. This recipe combines a half-spelt, half-whole wheat flour crust with a hearty filling flavored with leeks, mushrooms, fennel, and garlic. It’s hearty and thick, but not overly rich for a weeknight supper.

Leek, pumpkin and feta galette image via Shutterstock

What’s awesome about a galette is how easy it is to put together. There’s no need to worry about whether your dough is perfectly even or not — the rustic quality is what makes it so special. This pumpkin and leek galette with feta is a delicious, savory dish that the entire family will love. The free-form galette is also very forgiving of gluten-free crusts.

Green Frittata Recipe with Sheep Feta

Image: Katrine van Wyk

There’s no dough involved in our last recipe, making it perfect for gluten-free households. Technically speaking, an Italian frittata is quite similar to an omelette, but this recipe has quite a bit in common with a crustless quiche as well. Zucchini, spinach, and leek add the green to the green frittata, while sheep’s milk feta adds just the right amount of tang. Served in wedges, it’s easy as pie — or easier!

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