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7 Eco-Chic Holiday Entertaining Tips

  1. Pull Out the Real China and Silver! Honestly, one of the things I love about going to someone's house is enjoying homemade food with real plates and silverware. It tells me a little bit about their personality and what they like (i.e. think future gifts).
  2. Use Cloth Napkins and Table Cloths - This will not only send less stuff to the land fill but it will save you money! So much trash is created with one use items that not only cost you more at the checkout but you are contributing to land fill waste.
  3. Stop the Plastic Bottled Water Habit - A friend of mine stopped buying flats of plastic bottled water and he and his girlfriend calculated that they are now saving over $3,000 per year! That is huge! That is a mortgage payment, the start of your child's savings for college, a contribution to your retirement and more!
  4. Buy Recycled Aluminum Foil - Reynolds Wrap now makes aluminum foil made from 100% recycled aluminum that is available nationwide. It is made by liquefying used aluminum at high heat. The metal is then rerolled into thin, food safe, sheets. It uses 80% less energy to create and doesn't require bauxite mining which is hard on the earth. Use recyled aluminum foil to keep foods warm as you remove them from the oven!
  5. Put Out A Recycling Bin Next to Your Trash Can & Label It - Ok this may seem obvious but shockingly, most of America does not recycle. That is sad. You see when it comes to "throwing something away" there is no "away." Everything you "throw away" is shipped off to some toxic land fill and that's a problem. Why? Our landfills are running out of room and creating new types of wastes like leachate a new toxic liquid and two greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide and methane. Simply placing a bin next to your trash can and labeling it as "Recycling" and what contents can go in it, will inspire people to put aluminum cans, glass, plastic bags and the appropriate recyclables (check with your city) into the proper container.
  6. Cut Back on Paper Towel Use in Style - Unfortunately, they're bleeding our planet dry too: 2.5 million tons of paper towels fill up landfills annually. There are healthier, equally effective solutions as seen in the San Diego-based, mom-owned company Skoy. Each cutely designed Skoy cloth is the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels. They can last for months and are washable in either the washer/dishwasher. Extra bonus? They're way cheaper than the average $2 roll of paper towel!
  7. Buy As Much Food As You Can That's In Season & Organic - When you buy organic not only are you investing in your health you are living a life of prevention. You are eating more nutritionally rich foods that will help your body build a strong immune system and heal itself. If you are still skeptical about the nutritional superiority of organic foods, read the report from The Organic Center, the French Agency For Food Safety's Report and my blog No Nutritional Difference Between Conventional and Organic Foods? The Organic Center to the Rescue! When you buy in season organic foods, these are the foods that are in greatest supply and can usually find on special.

See going green doesn't have to be expensive it can actually save you money and you're making a difference!

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