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Choosing and Using a Mandoline


From super thin vegetable linguine to perfect potato chips, there are some recipes that are nearly impossible to perfect without a mandoline, no matter how good your knife skills are. But while mandolines are becoming more and more common in home kitchens, when it comes to choosing and using this kitchen tool, there are several important things to keep in mind--and number one is safety.

Using a mandoline properly is key, but certain makes of mandolines can make their use even easier and safer.

The Simple

The Swissmar Borner is a simple mandoline that costs less than fifty dollars. However, this simple model has everything you need to make sure that you can safely slide, julienne and shred. The food safety holder is ambidextrous, making this product perfect for lefties and righties.

The Neat

The Chefs Star Automatic Electric Mandoline offers a great deal of neatness, thanks to the plastic box underneath. The automatic model slices at the push of a button, which makes it a different type of tool than other more traditional mandolines.

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The Professional

The Oxo Chef’s Mandoline Slicer may be more expensive than some others on this list, but its ergonomic design is well worth the price. All blades remain covered when not in use for safety, and the soft handle is set lower than the body, making it easy and natural to use.

Safety Tips

Whichever mandoline you select, be sure to always:

  • Use the handle to protect your fingers from the very sharp blades.
  • Keep your blades sharp, so there is no resistance when slicing.
  • Reserve any leftover bits for a vegetable stock instead of trying to slice something too small.

Enjoy your mandoline in some of these fantastic recipes.

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