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Meatless Monday: 4 New Potato Recipes

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New potatoes can often be found all year long, but that sort of defeats the purpose of them: new potatoes, as their name suggests, are new! These spring specimens are becoming available locally in farmers markets, and with so many delicious varieties, it would be a pity not to use them. Here are some of our very favorite new potato recipes from around the web.

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Our roasted organic heirloom potatoes with herb pesto is the perfect recipe to welcome these first few weeks of spring. As new, fresh herbs become available, you can change up this pesto to use whatever you have on hand. And the same holds through for the potatoes. Use whatever varieties your farmer has to offer you, and feel free to leave them whole if they're really tiny.

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Our Mediterranean-inspired potato salad is the perfect thing for new potatoes. New season artichokes, feta and olives combine to make this salad sing of Greece. You can even keep making it through the spring and into the summer; it's the perfect replacement for a mayonnaisey potato salad at a picnic.

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Potatoes and cheese? Yes please! These crispy cheese and garlic new potatoes bring out both the crispy exterior and the creamy interior of the perfect roasted potato, highlighted with the flavors of garlic and cheese. All you need is a big salad alongside these tasty morsels.

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Image: Andrés Monroy-Hernandez 

Combine new potatoes with green beans for a delicious new potato salad that has you grilling new potatoes, to add even more flavor to them. The dressing combines the Mediterranean flavors of fresh mint, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with a little extra zing thanks to some Dijon mustard. It's a delightful way to use those beautiful red new potatoes, which will stand out perfectly next to all that green goodness.

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