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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Morel Mushroom Recipes

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While mushrooms are more often associated with fall, savory morel mushrooms are in season right now. This spring mushroom can be toxic if not cooked properly, so be sure to follow the directions of these hand-picked, morel mushroom recipes, perfect for your Meatless Monday meals this week. Explore the earthy flavor of spring morel mushrooms combined with other seasonal spring ingredients.

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Asparagus, leeks and morels unite in this spring lasagna. To make this veggie-rich dish meatless, sub the chicken broth for vegetable broth. Morel mushrooms lend an earthiness to the fresh verdant quality of the asparagus and leeks. While the original recipe makes individually-sized lasagnas, you could also adapt this recipe for a casserole dish, creating a family-style spring recipe!

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From the Organic Authority Files

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This roasted organic wild mushrooms on toasted pita is one of our favorites in both fall and spring, starring seasonal mushrooms. Simply combined with some herbs and crème fraîche, the morels are sure to put their best foot forward. This dish is simple, to be sure, but it's the perfect way to show off delicious, seasonal produce.

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This vegetarian dish will make you feel like you're dining out! Beautifully presented morel mushrooms and broccoli atop crispy polenta make for an impressive meatless dish indeed! Garlic, white wine, herbed cheese and thyme go into the decadent sauce, the perfect foil for the simply prepared broccoli and morels. This is still a weeknight dish; use organic prepared polenta, and this dish is a breeze!

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Yet another of our favorite mushroom recipes, no matter the season, this mushroom risotto can be made with any sort of mushroom; black truffle heightens the earthy flavor. Simply sub fresh or dried morel mushrooms for the dried porcinis called for, and be sure to use vegetable stock instead of chicken, so that you can proudly serve this dish on your Meatless Monday table.

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