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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Vegetarian Soup Recipes


This winter break, soup is the perfect thing. Soups are easy to make for a crowd and can easily be kept in the fridge for a quick and simple lunch. Smooth and silky or chunky and full of textures, we have just the thing you need for your wintery Meatless Mondays with these vegetarian soup recipes.

Minestrone is a classic Italian soup that's chock full of vegetables. It might be hard to believe, but minestrone isn't vegetarian; traditional versions include pancetta. This vegan minestrone recipe forgoes this traditional ingredient as well as the Parmesan rind, leaving just the vegetables, beans and pasta. The tomato-based soup is hearty and rustic, perfect for a Meatless Monday meal.


Image: David Christian

Borscht, a traditional beet soup from Eastern Europe, is treated to a spicy kick with curry; kale adds an added boost of vitamins, minerals and color. The sweet, brightly colored vegetarian beet soup becomes the perfect meal for the Christmas season, with its red-and-green distinction. The white yogurt adds yet another foil for these colors as well as the creaminess needed to balance the dish.

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wonton soup

Image: Jennifer

This vegetable wonton soup can be compared to a simple, Asian-influenced spin on chicken noodle. The vegetarian noodle soup is flavored with chili-garlic sauce and Sriracha, not to mention a variety of vegetables. A light and flavorful soup to offer your friends and family to balance out the heavy dishes of the season!


Image: Kimberley Stakal

Technically this lentil-pumpkin stew is not a soup, but it eats like one with lots of chunky, healthy, hearty, earthy vegetables, packed into a seasoned, flavorful broth. The cilantro oil adds freshness and a punch of color. If you're looking for a slightly sweeter version, sub the pumpkin with sweet potato.

Top Image: Robert Judge

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