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9 Appliances and Gadgets to Rock Your Plant-Based Kitchen

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Fun and easy-to-use appliances for plant-based kitchens

Want a rocking plant-based kitchen? But perhaps you're afraid that it'll take forever to create delicious recipes? Well, fear not. These time-saving (and economical!) appliances and kitchen gadgets will transform your plant-based kitchen, pump up your joy of cooking and get fresh, healthy and mouthwatering meals on the table in minutes - not hours.

Plant-Based Kitchen Appliances

  1. BonneO Sparkling Beverage System

The company motto “Sparkle Everything” rings true as you can infuse refreshing bubbles into not just water; but also wine, vodka, tea or whatever you dream up. Simply drop in fresh herbs or sliced fruit, turn a few nobs and your beverage will be infused with its essence. You can also control the amount of carbonation (no CO2 tank required!) by using up to a full tablet of fizz.

2. The Fruit Scoop Frozen Desert Maker 

Best Plant-Based Kitchen Accessories

We all scream for nondairy ice cream and this easy-to-use appliance (easy to clean too!) lets you dream up anything from all-fruit sorbet to creamy non-dairy frozen desserts like Strawberry Basil Sorbet and Coconut Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks. And the best part? You control how much sweetener you put in. With fresh off the vine fruit, you don't need much. Once you refrigerate your base, you're only 25 minutes away from frozen dessert bliss.

3. Ball Freshtech Harvest Pro Sauce Maker

Best Appliances for a Plant-based Kitchen

Channel your inner Italian grandmother and make your own tomato paste, passata, and crushed tomatoes to cook with all year long. Wheel and deal at the farmers market to buy a crate of overripe tomatoes - because this baby can process up to 15 quarts of fresh tomatoes in minutes. It's also fantastic for fresh fruit compotes, jams, and jellies.

4. Bella 6QT Pressure Cooker

Best Appliances for a Plant-based Kitchen

Save time, use less power, and get more nutrients. That's trifecta home run in your plant-based kitchen. Carmelize vegetables, cook beans, and steam grains in a fraction of the time it takes on the stovetop. There's just one pot to clean and with built-in settings, this pressure cooker is about as easy as it gets. No more standing by the stove wishing, hoping, praying that your beans are finally done.

Plant-Based Kitchen Gadgets 

5. Mandolin Slicer

Best Kitchen Gadgets for Plant-based kitchens

Kelsey Ale, N.T.P.Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Paleo Chef, swears by a mandolin slicer to make beet chips, baked sweet potato fries, zucchini noodles and more. It make cooking with vegetables even more fun. Create gorgeous colorful recipes by layering or alternating colors.

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From the Organic Authority Files

6. Fermenting Crock

Best Fermenting Crocks for Plant-based Kitchens

A slow food favorite, Daniel Bellow created this beautiful vessel to make tasty probiotic-packed sauerkraut, kimchi, and crunchy pickles. It's easy. You toss in the ingredients. Then let nature have its way and you enjoy the healthful benefits.

7. Borner Box Grater

Best Box Graters for Plant-Based Kitchens

Marina Yanay-Triner, a Raw Vegan Health and Nutrition Coach, says this multi-use box grater makes her life in a plant-based kitchen a breeze. She uses it as a spiralizer and to makes thin julienne-like noodles in seconds.

8. Lucky Iron Fish

Kitchen Gadgets for your Plant-based kitchen

If you've ever tested low in iron, Lucky Iron Fish is for you. And with its buy-one give-one business model, you purchased provides a family in need a Lucky Iron Fish. Just plop it in any cooking pot to get up to 90% of your daily iron requirement.

9. Live Life Fit Digital Food Scale

Best Digital Food Scales

No more "portion distortion" with this digital food scale. With the press of a button flip between grams and ounces to make measurement conversions a breeze.

So, get cooking! These time-saving and flavor-boosting appliances and gadgets will make your time in the kitchen even more creative, delicious, and fun.

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