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The 7 Coolest Wooden Cutting Boards Around

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The holidays are on their way, and you know what that means: A ton of prepping and chopping as you mosey from appetizers to main courses to desserts. (By the new year, you're likely going to have some serious biceps.) Wooden cutting boards are your BFF this season, and they should have as much personality as you do.

Here are 7 stylish wooden cutting boards that really want to move in with you:

1. Cutting Board with Tablet Stand

Many of us have switched from cookbooks to cook ebooks, but there's always a teensy bit of paranoia that kicks in when you have to refer back to your recipe and you're covered in... well, everything. This Edge-Grain Cutting Board with Tablet Stand by John Boos & Co. includes an attractive, space-friendly stand that not only holds your tablet upright, but stores your cutting board when it's not in use. Made in the USA from only the finest woods, it's been tested to fit iPads and Kindle Fire tablets.

2. Cutting Board with Insert

Also by John Boos & Co., this Edge-Grain Cutting Board comes with a stainless steel insert for collecting and disposing of trimmings, drips, and discards. Best of all, the board is reversible to help prevent cross-contamination.

3. Teak Cutting Board

Madiera's Teak Cutting Board looks amazing on any countertop: The tight grain and natural coloration make it as durable as it is snazzy, and its natural oils help repel moisture and warping. The wood is sourced from one of the world's largest teak plantations, where Madiera chooses cuts that would typically be discarded in the manufacturing process to help prevent waste. (Plus, look how pretty!)

4. Pig-Shaped Cutting Board

This little piggy stayed home to help you slice meat and chop veggies. The Pig-Shaped Cutting Board by Epicurean is as great a cutting board as it is a serving tray. It's also heat-resistant up to 350°F, making for an adorable trivet. Made in the USA, Epicurean's natural wood-fiber boards use materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

5. Bottle-Shaped Cutting Board

A little bit of whimsy and a lot of functionality, this Bottle-Shaped Cutting Board by April Morse is handcrafted in Northern California from solid maple and cherry woods using an end-grain construction that's gentle on knives.

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6. Oakwood Cutting Board

Perfect for that going-all-out dinner spread, this Oakwood Cutting Board from Anthropologie comes in long or oval - and no two are exactly alike.

7. Holly Cutting Board

If you're looking for festive wooden cutting boards, you'll love this Holly Cutting Board from Horchow. It's handcrafted of mango wood and aluminum, and comes in small and large - and for that little extra nudge, the small cutting board also comes with a spreader.

Which wooden cutting boards do you prefer using?

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