You’ll Love These 4 Warm and Toasty Sage Recipes for Meatless Monday

sage and pumpkin gnocchi

Fall tends to be a whole lot about pumpkin spice, but don’t neglect sage — this autumnal herb is closely linked to Thanksgiving and the perfect flavor to highlight this season. Sage is often used to season poultry, but we’re huge fans of sage recipes for Meatless Monday; the woodsy aroma of sage pairs wonderfully with many of your other favorite fall ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potato and squash.

Start things off with a classic: pumpkin gnocchi simmered in a brown butter sauce and topped with fried sage leaves. While the gnocchi are a bit tedious to prepare, many of the steps for making this dough can be prepared in advance, like on Sunday when you have a bit more time on your hands. And forming the gnocchi themselves is a great excuse to get your kids into the kitchen and spend a bit of time together.

Spaghetti Squash

Photo credit: Ally Jane Grossan

This spaghetti squash recipe offers the texture of pasta but a much sweeter, nuttier flavor that pairs perfectly with sage, parmesan, and nutmeg. In this case, the healthier option is also the tastier one, which puts two ticks in the column for this easy, flavorful recipe.

sweet potato lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna via Shutterstock

Lasagna is a comfort-food favorite, perfect for the cooler weather, and this rich version with both butternut squash and sweet potato is ideal for fall. This lasagna doesn’t have a tomato sauce; instead, the puréed squash and potatoes, flavored with rosemary, sage, and parmesan, becomes the base. Add a luscious bechamel sauce and a bit of spinach, and this lasagna is a complete, healthy, hearty meal.

butternut squash pasta

Image: two peas in their pod

In this pasta recipe, roasted butternut squash forms a lush sauce to top whole wheat pasta. The soft, caramelized squash is pureed with parmesan and nutmeg and simmered with vegetable broth and sage to make a creamy orange sauce, that’s healthy and full of flavor.

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