10 Natural Beauty Tips for Any Beauty Emergency

Woman with way too much makeup on

Natural beauty tips are there to help us become our most presentable selves – but beauty emergencies can strike at any time (and usually when we’re away from our makeup bag). To help you deal with these pesky emergencies on the go, here are 10 natural beauty tips to add to your arsenal:

1. There’s no time to dry your hair

Whether you woke up late or there was a delay with your beauty routine, you obviously don’t want to go to work looking like you almost drowned. One of my favorite natural beauty tips is actually a product: the Conair Bun Maker has become my hair’s new BFF. It gives you a stunning updo that looks like it took hours to create – only, you know, it didn’t.

2. Your skin’s turned into an oil slick

Mix equal parts rose water and spring water in a travel-size spray bottle and spritz your face for an ah-mazing glow. Say goodbye to grease and hello to being adorably dewy.

3. You’ve broken a nail

If you’re crunched for time, the fastest way to fix a broken nail is to file it down. Depending on the length of your nails, cut or file the rest so all are uniform in length. In the future, opting for manis that are shorter in length will make your nails less likely to snag on anything.

4. Your lips are dry and flaky

If you’re a fan of natural beauty tips that are also delish, take a pinch of granulated sugar and mix it with honey to create a lip scrub on the go. Gently massage on your lips in a circular motion. Wipe away the excess, slather on your fave lip balm, and you’re good to go.

5. Static cling is giving you attitude

When your dress is looking a little less flowy and a little more clingy, just give the problem areas a quick spritz of water, which will remove the static force. You’ll look as smooth as you feel in no time.

6. Your hair has gone astray

Has bad weather turned your hair into its own natural disaster? Head to the nearest mirror and turn your tresses into a ponytail that’s ready for anything: Start with a deep side part and smooth your hair into a ponytail that hits the nape of your neck for an instantly chic ‘do.

7. You need to freshen your breath

Squeeze lemon juice into a cup of cold water and swish it like mouthwash. The citric acid from the lemon juice kills the bacteria that causes bad breath and also breaks down the tarter on your teeth (cha-ching!).

8. You forgot to put on deodorant

As far as natural beauty tips go, this one might make you feel like a side dish – but it works! Rub a thin slice of lemon on your underarm area. The citric acid helps to neutralize odor-causing bacteria (scout’s honor).

9. You overdid the mascara

Ugh, we’ve all been there. The worst part is, trying to remove it will cause a domino effect and mess up the rest of your makeup. In this situation, the best thing you can do is simply take a toothpick and carefully separate your clumped lashes until they look like lashes again.

10. Your split ends are taking over the world

Or at least, your noggin – and you’ve got no time to see your hairdresser. In the meantime, rub a teaspoon of olive oil between your palms and rub your hands through your hair. The oil adds shine and conditions your hair, reducing the appearance of split ends.

What natural beauty tips do you turn to when you’re crunched for time?

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