11 Genius Beauty Hacks You Can Do with a Toothbrush

11 Genius Beauty Hacks You Can Do with a Toothbrush

Any woman who says she doesn’t love beauty hacks is totally playing down her feelings—especially considering they not only save you money, but oodles of time. (And bonus points for when they declutter your bathroom of surprisingly unnecessary products.) The toothbrush just happens to be one of those superhero beauty items. We’re not talking a fancy shmancy toothbrush either; just your run-of-the-mill, medium bristle brush.

Here are 11 beauty hacks you’re going to fall madly in love with:

1. Tame flyaways

Get your flyaways in line post-blowdry without disturbing the rest of your style. All you have to do is mist a toothbrush with a smidgen of hairspray and lightly brush to smooth out the frizz.

2. Declump mascara

Ugh, clumps are the worst. Put the kibosh on them by running a toothbrush through your lashes just like you would a mascara wand.

3. Lighten your nails

Get rid of the stains on your nails that inevitably come from using dark shades of polish: Mix baking soda, lemon juice and water and scrub those pesky stains away.

4. Smooth rough lips

Sure, you could invest in a pricey lip scrub, but why bother when cost-effective beauty hacks are like, right there? Dab some lip balm on your pout, then gently brush the bristles in a circular motion to slough off dead skin. You’ll have a flake-free pucker in no time!

5. DIY highlights

Add dimension to your locks by brushing highlights in your hair. The toothbrush will give them a more natural, balanced look—no more skunk stripes.

6. Clean the dirt from under your nails

You never know what’s lurking under those nails, and a toothbrush really is your most convenient line of defense. Scrub underneath your nails using the same back-and-forth motion as if you were filing them. Bam.

7. Get your eyebrows in order

Using the teeniest dab of lip balm, brush your unruly eyebrows into place (you know, if you’re a fan of saving money on eyebrow gel).

8. Give your ‘do some volume

Use a toothbrush the same way you’d normally use a comb to tease your hair. Lightly backcomb through the crown for an insta-lift.

9. Clean your cuticles

Spread time between manicures by maintaining your cuticles at home. Apply cuticle oil to keep them hydrated, then twice a week exfoliate the rough skin surrounding your nail bed with your trusty toothbrush.

10. Combat ingrown hairs

This is one of those beauty hacks you have to see to believe: If you’ve got a patch of ingrown hairs cramping your style, grab a cleanser with tea tree oil and gently scrub onto the patch using a toothbrush. If the hairs don’t pop out right away, they will over time while you enjoy the soothing benefits.

11. Clean your hair dryer

Keep your blowdryer in tip top shape by using a toothbrush to de-lint the back of it. Doing so periodically will keep your dryer working more efficiently so you can get out the door quicker.

Which beauty hacks do you swear by?

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