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3 DIY Beauty Recipes for the DIY Disinterested

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3 DIY Beauty Recipes for The DIY Disinterested

The DIY revolution is stronger than ever. Not so into homemade? Totally hear you. Here are three super simple DIY beauty recipes for anyone who hates to DIY.

Not all of us were born for homemade beauty. Maybe you’ve given it a whirl with less than exciting results, or haven’t gone the DIY direction at all. Hey, it’s not for everyone.

It’s ok to leave the DIY stuff to dyed in the wool DIYers (who may even dye their own wool), but you may be missing out on saving yourself some money and time. That’s why I’m sharing the simplest of the simple beauty recipes. No need to spend money where you don’t have to, and everything you need is likely in your kitchen right now.

No, we are not asking you to get out your double boiler, or whisk up a deodorant or body mousse. The following recipes are not only easy, but work like a charm. And that’s coming from a resolved lover of store-bought beauty products.

3 DIY Beauty Recipes for Those Who Don't DIY

1. Anti-aging, Anti-Acne, Lightening, Brightening Facial Mask

You know it as the bright orange spice that gives curry its golden hue. You may even take a turmeric supplement as part of an anti-inflammatory diet. But did you know that turmeric can be used on the skin?

To calm inflammation or redness, and get an instant glow, try a turmeric mask. The spice is also said to be anti-aging, an effective acne and rosacea treatment, and good for lightening sun spots. Follow this tutorial on creating a facial mask with turmeric, honey, and milk. Honey is antibacterial and makes skin super soft, and the lactic acid in milk provides gentle exfoliation.

2. Your Skin’s Never Been So Silky Body Smoother

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From the Organic Authority Files

Warmer weather means we are baring more skin. Bod not quite tank top ready yet? All it needs is a quick smoothing. Before your next shower mix up a dish of this super simple, but very effective, body scrub via Free People. You likely have all three ingredients in your kitchen right now – olive oil, essential oil, and sugar.

3. Tresses That Rival Angelina’s Hair Mask

Hair in a slump? If you are suffering from limp, lack luster, withered up tresses, this trick will give your friends serious hair envy. For the totally DIY averse, it doesn’t get much easier than this hair mask recipe. All you need is, get ready…Avocado oil. Yep, a one ingredient beauty recipe. Just what you were looking for, right?

Avocado oil is very hydrating, but not as heavy as olive oil. It manages to both moisturize sapped locks, and provide bounce and body at the same time. To use, simple massage a palm full of the oil into scalp and work through to ends of hair. Wrap in a warm towel and leave for 15 minutes. Wash hair as usual. May sound weird, but you will be amazed at how bouncy and shiny your hair is post avocado treatment.

Promise these quick tricks will become beauty staples. Even for the DIY disinclined.

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