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4 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste
Credit: Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash
December 29, 2018
Want to reduce your environmental footprint and keep wildlife safe by using less plastic? This collection of tips will help you…
Why You Need to Grow Your Own Skincare Ingredients (Plus a DIY to Get You Started)
March 30, 2017
Get in on the best of spring and summer beauty by growing your own skincare ingredients. Five herbs to start…
'Hello Glow' Will Make You Love DIY Beauty
iStock/ Floriana
December 22, 2016
'Hello Glow: 150+ Natural Beauty Recipes for a Fresh New You' by Stephanie Gerber offers a fresh, and beautiful, take…
7 Jojoba Oil Benefits: Are You Missing Out On the Current 'It' Oil?
March 10, 2016
How happy does it make you when an old favorite finally gets the recognition it deserves? No, we aren’t talking…
Personalized Beauty Takes Your Makeup to a Whole New Level (Find out How to DIY)
September 26, 2015
Learn how to DIY yourself to the perfect makeup shades with personalized beauty. You'll never go back to solo use…
3 DIY Beauty Recipes for The DIY Disinterested
May 10, 2015
Three easy and effective beauty recipes for the DIY beauty disinclined--they're so easy there's hardly anything to them! but they…
Make a homemade mud mask -- real or fake.
March 1, 2015
Make a homemade mud mask today and get naturally rejuvenated skin by tomorrow.
winter hair
October 17, 2014
Get buttered up for the winter in this delicious hair mask that only requires 3 ingredients!
natural deodorant
August 13, 2014
Want healthy pits? Make your own deodorant! Chances are you have many of the ingredients for these five DIY natural…
May 15, 2014
Make your own good for you and good for the environment diy beauty products from simple ingredients found in the…