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3 Life-Changing Habits for Morning Routines You Really Won't Hate

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Habits can be bad, like not eating breakfast, or good, like brushing your teeth after every meal. And while it certainly makes sense to reduce (or eliminate) those bad habits in our lives, it may actually be more productive and rewarding to focus on introducing and developing good habits in your daily morning routines. In a sense, choosing positive reinforcement, as opposed to negative reinforcement may make the day start off a lot better.

3 Life-Changing Habits for Morning Routines You'll Actually Not Hate

We already touched on life-changing habits to help you stay calm more often, and this time around, we are tackling how to improve your morning.

Your day, just like a house, needs a strong foundation. If your morning is crappy, chances are your day isn’t going to be much better. Striving to improve your morning through good habits is a lofty, but a very practical goal. Starting your day better could lead to better focus, an increased sense of satisfaction, and more productivity throughout the day. And that’s just the beginning. One day leads to many good days, and soon crappy days are (mostly) a thing of the past.

Of course, this is all easier to talk about in the abstract. How to make it happen? Just what are the critical components needed to improve your morning and your morning routine? It boils down to these three key good habits. Practice them every day. They will change your life.

3 Good Habits to Cultivate for a Better Morning

  1. Avoid Screen Time - Just like you are supposed to avoid screens before bedtime, avoid starting your day with screens as well. If you are someone who regularly checks email, the weather, or news on your phone first thing in the morning, stop it. The first thing you do in the morning should be something that you feel good about--and email is not that thing. That’s not to mention the time you are wasting. If you continually find yourself rushing around in the morning to get ready, take a long, hard look at how much time you are spending laying in bed on your device.
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  1. Organize - You know the motto “always be prepared” and it’s honestly a life saver for many in the morning. Do what you can to streamline your morning, so you aren’t starting your day rushing around to get ready. Take your shower, make lunches and set up the coffee, pick out your clothes, prepare your bag, and make what breakfast preparations you can do the night before. You may have to train yourself to plan ahead, but Future You will thank Past You for your efforts. (Trust!)
  1. Invigorate - Pick your poison. Whether it’s yoga, a brisk walk outside, or a workout routine, physical activity is the key to starting the day off right. Meditation can also work to get your head in the game by making you more centered, focused, better able to handle stress, and to be more in the moment. Heck, if you have time (or can get up an half hour earlier), try both exercise and meditation!

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