3 Natural Ways to Tame Static-Crazy Hair

image: mcmrbt

You’re pretty sure you didn’t get electrocuted, but no one would know that by the state of your hair. Dry winter air can turn your usually sleek tresses into a frizzed out, static-y hairdo that refuses to be tamed.

With bits and pieces sticking out like a mad scientist’s mane, you’ve got some serious static electricity going on. You don’t want to drown your hair in chemical-laden hairspray, but hair that refuses to submit to gravity gets darn annoying. What’s an eco-beauty to do? Wage war (and win!) on static-y hair with these three natural ways to get rid of the craziness.

1. Remove Product Buildup

Too much product buildup could be contributing to your unruly hair. You can wash away that grimy buildup from excess shampoo, conditioner and styling products with an ingredient that’s probably already in your pantry: Baking soda.

Simply wash your hair with about ½ cup of baking soda and warm water once every week. If your hair feels too dry after using this method, add ½ cup vinegar to the concoction. After a week or two, the vinegar rinse will help conquer your wild static-y locks.

2. Condition Like Crazy

Dry, brittle hair will create a platform for static to take over your tresses. Keeping your hair hydrated is the best way to prevent static from entering your life. Try our DIY Deep Conditioner recipe to bring back the moisture to your hair—the natural way.

3. Lotion It Up

Sometimes you just need to tame those flyaways—right now. You don’t want to enter a business meeting with what looks like bedhead. Instead of dousing your hair in chemical-filled hairspray, grab your favorite organic lotion for this quick fix.

Simply rub a good dollop of the lotion into your hands stopping just before it all sinks in. Then, lightly style your hair back into place with your moisturized hands. The lotion will prevent frizzy static hair for a while, but keep in mind it’s not a permanent solution. After an hour or two the static may return.

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image: mcmrbt