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3 Gorgeous Reasons to Enjoy Your Daily Beauty Ritual

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Rituals are important to our lives. They focus and empower us. Rituals give us time to slow life down for a few moments and savor the small things. A cup of coffee in the morning. A daily yoga practice. Journaling. Rituals enable the distractions to melt away, giving us the chance to gain insight and happiness. Your beauty ritual is no different.

Often we’re too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures of our beauty routines. How many times have you frantically rushed through a shower in the morning? When’s the last time you really enjoyed the scent of your shampoo? Or, the sensation of water on your skin? When have you relished the cool feeling of applying your favorite moisturizer?

We know that beautifying ourselves makes us feel good. A fresh haircut can do wonders for your self-esteem. An at-home pedicure makes you feel pampered and pretty. Just adding earrings to your outfit can enhance your day and how you feel about yourself. It’s time to feel that way every day! Actually enjoying your daily beauty ritual can help you honor yourself and your unique beauty. If that isn’t enough, here are three more reasons.

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1. It’s stimulating

Your beauty routine can be a sensory experience. Enjoy the soothing feeling of applying body oil or lotion after your shower. Light a candle and revel in the soft glow as you go about your evening beauty ritual. Enliven your senses with your favorite scents. Many organic beauty products contain aromatherapy properties that can enhance your wellbeing and mood. They derive their fragrances from essential oils that boast a wide range of properties. From chamomile essential oil that comforts your spirit and calms dry skin to rosemary essential oil that tones skin and energizes the mind to lavender essential oil that soothes and refreshes, you can add all kinds of mood-enhancing products to your beauty ritual.

2. It’s nurturing

Just like you nourish yourself with healthy food, you can care for your body through your beauty rituals. Does eating an organic apple make you feel content, healthy and refreshed? You can derive those same feelings by using beauty products that are made with organic ingredients. Savor the feeling of washing your hair or moisturizing your body with products that don’t contain any toxins. By consciously washing, exfoliating and moisturizing with pure ingredients, you’ll feel cleansed—inside and out.

3. It’s blissful

Your daily beauty ritual can be a kind of meditation. Not thinking, just doing. Consistently taking the time to care for your outer self can actually nurture your inner self. It can relieve stress, reinvigorate the mind and give you that much-needed time to just focus on you. Make your beauty ritual a leisurely experience. Take the time to actually rub in that facial oil or treat your hands to a hydrating cream. Find happiness and a little self love in those moments of simplicity.

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