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3 Ways Rosemary Can Energize Your Skin

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During dreary winter days it seems like you can always use a perk up—and your skin is no different. Harsh winds and dry air leave skin flaky, dehydrated and less than enlivened. While your skin can’t guzzle coffee, you can use rosemary, an often-overlooked herb when it comes to beauty, to invigorate and awaken dull winter skin. Discover three ways this helpful herb can boost your already good looks.

1. Naturally astringent

Rosemary has a long-standing reputation in the beauty world for reducing excess oil. That’s why this fabulous herb is often found in facial cleansers and other organic beauty products made specifically for those with oily skin. Unlike the harsh chemicals in conventional facial cleansers, rosemary naturally reduces oil while also refreshing and rejuvenating skin. It won’t leave your skin unnecessarily dry, which causes your skin to produce more oil leading to breakouts and greasiness.

This beauty-enhancing herb also offers anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary can help reduce redness and puffiness, like tired eyes and wind-bitten skin—two all too common beauty ailments during winter. As a bonus, rosemary can also help diminish any irritating zits and blemishes.

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2. Firms and tones

As anyone who has smelled the spicy scent of rosemary can atone, rosemary invigorates the senses. And, those rousing feelings don’t only occur after a bite of rosemary potatoes or roasted vegetables with rosemary. When used in beauty products, rosemary can enliven your skin. Rosemary is known to stimulate circulation, which will increase blood flow and bring nutrients to the surface. This will make your skin glow, and when used in a facial or body cleanser can also remove dirt and toxins from the skin.

Rosemary contains powerful antioxidants that diminish the skin-damaging effects of free radicals and contain anti-aging properties. The stimulating properties of rosemary help restore elasticity, making skin firm and supple. Rosemary also encourages cell growth, which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Its healing effects can also mask broken capillaries and age spots.

3. Powerfully aromatic

Although you may simpy consider fragrance as an added bonus in your beauty products, aroma is an important element of any beauty routine. Different scents create different moods. Plant essential oils can calm, destress, invigorate, soothe and much more. The scent of rosemary revs up your energy, making it a great addition to your morning ritual. Rosemary has even been shown to boost brainpower! Look for this uplifting herb as an extract or essential oil in your organic beauty cleansers, scrubs, creams and oils to start your day with its motivating scent.

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