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Do Collagen Supplements Work on Wrinkles and Sagging Skin?

Do Collagen Supplements Work on Wrinkles and Sagging Skin?

Sagging, thinning skin. We all know this is part of aging. But there may be ways to prevent this, or at least slow it down. Do collagen supplements work and how can you best protect your skin?

Collagen is a protein made of amino acids found in the skin. This protein provides plumpness and, together with elastin, elasticity. In other words…that firm, youthful looking skin? Yep, collagen.

We naturally lose collagen as we age. This means skin appears thinner and less springy. This can also cause discoloration and wrinkles. There are other factors that diminish collagen, like sun damage, poor nutrition, and toxins.

Of course, you’ve heard of collagen containing skincare products. They are everywhere. The latest in collagen replacement? Supplements. But do collagen supplements work?

The verdict is still out on whether collagen supplements significantly affect the skin’s appearance. As with most skincare treatments, results likely vary. And like other supplements, the purer the better.

Obviously, collagen supplements are digested and absorbed by the body. Many people take them to help with joint pain and now collagen supplements are becoming more popular as treatment for aging skin. As a matter of fact, a study on the oral supplementation of a certain form of collagen shows a “significantly higher skin elasticity level.”

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So, what is this amazing form of collagen and how do you get your hands on some? It is called collagen hydrolysate (CH). It's gelatin-based (meaning it's not safe for vegans and vegetarians) and can be found in many supplements. When choosing supplements always buy from a reputable brand. This list of pure collagen supplements should help you get started. There are even brands that source collagen from grass-fed and organically raised animals. And if you want to dive deeper into the collagen conversation you can find out which is the best type collagen for you.

Another healthy way to reap these benefits is with collagen boosting foods. The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Boost and Moon Juice Beauty Dust are natural supplements said to boost collagen production.

The best way to protect skin from premature aging is prevention. Use the best sun protection, eat a healthy organic diet, and keep stress in check for great looking skin now and in years to come.

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