4 Ways to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Partner

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Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows that getting your love to embrace a healthy lifestyle as much as you can be, quite frankly, maddening. I’ve dated many fellas who would rather eat a cheese log (yes – a cheese log – thank you, Midwest) than cook a balanced meal.

Luckily for me, I’m currently dating a dude who is quite conscious about what he eats. He mediates and exercises, and let me tell you – that makes me even more over the moon about him (and his body – rarr). But enough about me. (I always stop myself before I write something so groan worthy it makes me gag. I may have failed.) How can you convince the love of your life (or even your love for right now) to take care of his self, or herself, without coming off like a cold, controlling grump? The following tips may help you facilitate that “let’s live a healthy lifestyle” conversation without making you, or your partner, cringe.

1. Don’t tell your partner he needs to go to the gym

No one likes to be told to do anything. It tends to bring us back to the times when our parents requested that we do our homework, or take a bath. Instead of saying, “dude. You really need to start hitting the gym more,” ask your partner to join you on a long walk, or a short jog around the neighborhood. By requesting that your partner join your exercise routine, you eliminate that whole “demand” vibe, and also show him you really dig his company.

2. Don’t attack your partner if she decides to eat something that’s not healthy

Look, we all crave things that are totally unhealthy. We’re human! If your partner has said she’s trying to eliminate unhealthy fats from her diet and you catch her scarfing down a fast food burger and large fries, don’t yell. Instead, suggest that next time she’s having a beefy craving, you both can make a burger and some homemade fries. The act of cooking is so fun, and I bet the end product will taste so much better than whatever came in that waxy fast food bag.

3. Tell you partner what you love about him

Whether you adore his strong arms, or his locks of hair, let him know what feature of his drives you wild. Complimenting your husband shows him that even though you are a health nut who is highly motivated to make him just as nutty as you are, you love him as he is, and think he’s smokin’.

4. Don’t push for quick fixes. Just embrace a healthy lifestyle

Sometimes when we’re trying to convince our partner to make diet or exercise changes, we forget that overall health is a lifestyle thing. There are so many little changes a person can make that, overall, make transitioning into a healthier lifestyle easier. Perhaps you choose to add leafy greens to every meal, or just start the day with a glass of lemon water and a walk. Every positive change helps. Once your partner starts doing the little stuff, she may be more motivated to make even more positive lifestyle changes.

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Image: Tim Parkinson