7 Funky Infused Waters to Try: From Trees, Spices, Flowers and Cactus Fruits

7 Funky Infused Waters to Try: From Trees, Spices, Flowers and Cactus Fruits

Riding the healthy lifestyle wave is a crop of funky flavored infused waters that promise various benefits for the mind, body and soul. You’ve tried coconut water no doubt – but fruit infused water is only the beginning. Today, bottled-water companies are bringing a whole new slew of flavored waters to the market, including drinks made with vegetable infusions, tree sap, spices, flowers and plants.

Is the flavored water trend right for you?

Keep in mind that while product promises regarding lowering the risk of disease are regulated by the FDA – claims about its overall health effects on your body are not. Always read the nutritional label on the products that you purchase. Look for organic ingredients and nutrients, and keep an eye out for excess sugar, sodium and calories.

1. Birch Tree Water (Byarozavik) – Created from the sap of organic Belarusian birch trees, this water has been made for centuries in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. It features naturally occurring electrolytes and claims to “rejuvenate your body.”

2. Turmeric Water (Temple Turmeric) – Turmeric is one of the best sources of curcumin, a substance shown to decrease inflammation in the body. Each bottle of Temple Turmeric contains 13 grams of organic Hawaiian turmeric root, along with tasty ingredients like honey, black pepper and ginger.

3. Artichoke Water (Arty Water) – Featuring an entire heirloom artichoke in every bottle, this water is flavored with hints of organic lemon, spearmint and apple. It features just 30 calories per serving, and is sweetened with monk fruit and organic blue agave. Artichokes contain the phytonutrients Silymarin and Cynarin, and product claims include “liver detoxification, lowered cholesterol, weight management, improved skin texture and immune system protection.”

4. Cactus Water (Caliwater)Prickly pear cactus is an ingredient that often pops up on menus in California and the American Southwest – and now you can drink it. Caliwater contains a potent blend of 24 antioxidants for “detoxing” and “skin revitalization.” It claims to be an excellent hangover cure, but watch out for the nine grams of sugar in each serving.

5. Flower Water (Blossom Water) – Rose, jasmine and lilac flowers give this flavored water its unique floral taste. Delicate and fairly low calorie (45 calories per 16-ounce bottle), Blossom Water doesn’t claim to offer any grandiose health benefits – just thirst quenching refreshment. Flavors include Grapefruit Lilac, Pomegranate Geranium, Plum Jasmine and Lemon Rose.

6. Watermelon Water (Wtrmln Wtr) – A cold, sweet slice of fresh watermelon is an ideal refresher on a hot day, and this fruit infused water aims to recreate that cooling experience. Containing “conscientiously grown” watermelon flesh as well as the rind, this sweet drink features six times the electrolytes of most sports drinks. Its high content of L-Citrulline may speed recovery after intense exercise, but every bottle contains 18 grams of sugar. Natural or not, that’s still a big dose. A slice of fresh watermelon (one cup) contains half the sugar and calories of this fruit infused water.

7. Maple Water (DRINKmaple) — Before it wassyrup maple came out of the tree as water. And it tastes just like someone put a few drops of maple syrup into a glass of water. Flavorful but not too sweet, and according to DRINKmaple, maple water includes 46 vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and prebiotics. A low-calorie beverage, maple water is hydrating but contains less than half the sugar of coconut waters.

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