7 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make For Gifts

Sugar Body Scrub

Show your cheer for natural beauty this holiday season by giving your loved ones the gift of a homemade natural beauty product. Do-it-yourself natural beauty products are actually far easier to make and more cost-effective than you might think. And, who doesn’t love the luxurious feeling of indulging in a fancy lotion or shampoo? With these homemade products, you can get all of the luxury without paying the hefty price tag. We have seven festive DIY natural beauty products for you to gift this season.

1. Homemade Coconut Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

Give the gift of gorgeous skin this holiday season with a homemade sugar body scrub. This gift couldn’t be easier to make. You just combine sugar, olive oil, coconut oil and vanilla essential oil and stir. Scoop this scrub into a cute container, tie with a ribbon and you have a sweet gift for moms, aunts, sisters and even the men in your life who could use a little pampering.

2. DIY Coconut-Cacao Lotion Bars

Make these fancy-looking lotion bars for festive gifts. They’re perfect those last minute people you forget about, but need an easy gift. These lotion bars use all natural ingredients and you can scent them any way you like. The combination of coconut oil, cacao butter and shea butter is uber moisturizing. Adding coffee beans to the mix will give the bars a festive look and add a bit of exfoliation.

3. Organic Chocolate and Honey Nourishing Facial Mask

When you make this facial mask, you’ll be giving the gift of indulgence (without the calories). This facial mask includes cocoa powder, avocado, almonds, honey and water for a skin-softening concoction any natural beauty would love. Just be sure to give this gift quickly. The perishable ingredients means it won’t last long.

4. Homemade Magic Pumpkin Foot Scrub

This pumpkin foot scrub is the perfect seasonal gift for a little pampering. Made with naturally-exfoliating pumpkin and with the abrasive boost of brown sugar, this foot scrub will get rid of rough patches and dead skin. Lemon juice works as a natural preservative, so the scrub will last a little longer.

5. Homemade Men’s Face Shaving Cream

Give the men in your life a shaving cream that leaves their faces feeling smooth without toxic chemicals. Packed with moisturizing agents like coconut oil, cocoa butter and honey, this shaving cream will create one luscious later. Plus, you can whip together this homemade shaving cream in no time. Pour into a glass jar and your gift is ready to go.

6. Lavender Lip Balm

This lovely moisturizing lip balm makes a thoughtful gift (or stocking stuffer!) Sure, you could go out and buy a lip balm, but giving something homemade is just a little bit more special. Besides being super hydrating, this lip balm also offers the sweet relaxing scent of lavender, perfect for relieving holiday stress.

7. DIY Organic Face Powder

For the natural makeup lovers in your life, this organic face powder makes a super fancy-sounding gift. (Just don’t tell them how easy it was to make.) Using just organic cornstarch and organic cocoa powder, you can create a light and airy face powder that sets makeup and makes your skin look fresh. Put the powder in a pretty container, add some ribbon and a gift tag and no one will ever know it only took you two minutes to make.

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