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7 Signs Your Bad Hair Day Means You Need a Haircut

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Your bad hair day might not have anything to do with needing a haircut – or, so you say to yourself. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair out or just struggling to make time for a salon visit, admitting you might need a haircut is always a good first step. They say you should have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks, but it all depends on your hair type and how you treat your locks in between. Know the telltale signs to find your hair’s sweet spot.

Here are 7 signs it might be time for a snippy snip:

1. You always wear your hair up

If you find yourself always (and I mean always) wearing your hair in a top knot or ponytail – like, the thought of wearing it down never even crosses your mind – then it’s safe to say you need to call your stylist.

2. Your hair is limp and lacking volume

If, even after your usual styling routine, your bad hair day abounds, a haircut will add bounce to your step – and your locks. If you’re of the curly-haired variety, when your hair starts to form a triangle, that means it’s too heavy and time for a trim.

3. Your hair tangles easily

When your hair is damaged it tends to matte together – and is especially the case with fine hair. If your hair is still in good shape, you should find you’re able to glide your fingers through it with ease. Super-tangled means Supercuts.

4. You’ve got split, straggly or stringy ends

Check out the ends of your hair: If they’re starting to resemble straw or split ends are starting to spread, it’s best to at least get a trim. Products that seal split ends are only a temporary fix – a trim will ensure that your split ends won’t travel up the hair shaft, turning your bad hair day into a bad hair decade.

5. You have more bad hair days than good

If you have a better chance of winning the lottery than scoring a good hair day – in other words, your style doesn’t even hold long enough for you to leave the bathroom – then it’s most certainly time for a new ‘do.

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6. Your hair tapers when you braid it

When your hair’s healthy, it should have the same thickness from root to tip. A great way to check on the status of your strands: Braid small sections and see if your hair tapers to a point at the bottom. If it gets thinner and thinner as you go down, then it’s totally time for a trim (and you should essentially have it trimmed to where you start losing thickness).

7. You’re bored/making a life change

Your hair might be holding up fine and your bad hair day is more to do with the fact that you’re bored with your cut. Or, you might be wanting to shake up your life – in which case, getting your hair done is the best place to start. Freshening up your look with a whole new style or daring cut could be the ticket to unleashing your inner Katniss in other areas of your life too!

No matter your reason – go for it! You deserve it.

When a bad hair day strikes, how do you decide if it’s time to hit the salon?

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