Jump Into Spring with 8 Fun Springtime Activities

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As the temperature perks up and the warm glow of the evening light lasts longer every night, the arrival of the spring season is an inspiration to get up, go out and start moving. Shake off the winter blahs and juice up the beginning of spring by jumping into action with the fun seasonal activities below. Set the tone for a healthy season, get some exercise and have fun all at the same time. Note: bring children along on any of these adventures to increase your activity level, improve your patience and treat the kids to a rare day outdoors.

1. Go fly a kite. When is the last time you captained a colorful kite flying high up in the sky? With the uptick of breezy weather, spring is the perfect season to test your kite flying skills. Acquire a cool kite shaped like a box, an airplane or a butterfly (or make your own), and then head to a flat, grassy field to soar in the sky.

2. Plant a garden. Now is the time to get down and dirty and plant flowers, vegetables, fruits and anything else you’d like. Start with plenty of high-quality organic soil and choose a spot full of sunshine for your garden. Grow from seeds or get a jump on the season by opting for sprouted plants. Enjoy the sight of dirt under your fingernails, and make a mud pie for old time’s sake.

3. Picnic in the park. Glorious sunny days are made for picnics in the grass. Find a comfortable spot in your favorite local park and enjoy a leisurely picnic. Forget the basket – a backpack works much better for your fresh cut fruits, organic vegetable salads and bottle of wine. Bring a book of poetry, a Frisbee, a deck of cards and, of course – your friends. Plan to be there in mid-afternoon so you can snack all day and then enjoy the sunset.

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4. Head out on a bike ride. Get your bicycle tuned up for the season if need be, put on your helmet and then roll out on a route you’ve never cruised before. Don’t own a bike? Many beach areas and some parks will rent them out – or you can always opt for a tour on a Segway.

5. Go on a nature walk. Find a nearby forest, natural preserve, state park or national park that you’ve never been to and spend the day exploring unknown trails. Look for birds, bugs and other animals, and soak up the serenity that only nature can provide. Leave your phone in the car, but bring the dog.

6. Build a tree house. You need a yard, a tree and a little expertise for this one – but building a tree house is a great family project that will create a play space for your kids and a restful escape for mom and dad. Start now and by summer you will have built every kid’s fantasy in your backyard.

7. Hit the playground. Leave your worries about looking silly in junior high where they belong, and visit your local playground. Swing as high as you can on the swing sets, play on the teeter-totter with friends or ride the merry-go-round as long as you can without falling out. Playtime is important; relish it!

8. Dance in the rain. The next time a spring shower graces your neighborhood, don’t cower on the couch – instead embrace the natural raindrops and run outside. Feel the rain splashing on your face, savor the wetness on your skin, and try to catch a few drops in your mouth. Bonus points if you are barefoot.

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