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A Day in the Life of Holistic Lifestyle Guru Shiva Rose

A Day in the Life of Holistic Lifestyle Guru Shiva Rose

With new health and wellness tips and the many wellness-focused products coming at you on a regular basis, it can be difficult to know who to trust. We all want to believe that the information we follow on living our healthiest life is coming from an expert. Someone who walks the talk. But that's certainly not always the case. Unless we're talking about Shiva Rose. If you aren’t currently following along with Rose’s holistic journey, now’s the time to start.

She is a mother, toxin banisher, and natural beauty creator who has taken her health into her own hands, and offers up what she has learned along the way. I recently interviewed Shiva for a glimpse into her every day and find out what she’s currently working on.

The Local Rose, Rose's one-stop-shop for all things healthy living, combines her natural beauty line with expert tips. The site also includes a General Store, a well-edited assortment of Shiva’s favorite items, ranging from crystals to sustainable sandwich bags. Like an off-the-beaten path shop you’d discover on an exotic vacation … only online!

For Rose it’s more about sourcing items she is passionate about that aren’t as easy to find. “When I started The Local Rose eight years ago, finding holistic, artisan products was more like treasure hunting,” she said. “I wanted to highlight the people I admired and make their goods accessible.”

Shiva Rose Talks Morning Routine, Natural Energy Boosters, and What's Next

Liz Thompson: What are your personal go-to products and rituals for starting your day each morning?

Shiva Rose: I start each morning with spraying my face with my Radiant Rose Water to awaken and nourish my cells. I then will do a mini tea ceremony with Living Tea to ground into the earth and my life. After that a small kundalini meditation to connect with the higher realms, and getting my tribe of animals and children fed.

LT: How do you stay energized all day while raising a family and running a business?

SR: It's not always easy maintaining high quality energy throughout the day. I think eating food that's organic and drinking water that's pure is the best start. After that base line, adding minerals and tonics are good to boost the mind and energetic body fields. I like ashwagandha, pine pollen, raw cacao, and moringa powder for afternoon pick-me-ups. I drink teas, like nettle and red clover, or an Ayurvedic blend of seeds throughout the day.

LT: Can you give us a peek into your daily eating plan?

SR: For me, eating healthy is just a way of life. It's more about honoring our bodies and honoring the earth, and so those factors go into how we want to live. I've always been prone to being this way, so I don't think of it as a fad. I also like to live in the world and bake delicious treats using coconut sugar or maple syrup which have a better glycemic index. By “living in the world” I mean I will eat pasta or drink a glass of wine if I'm in the right place for that. I think in these incredibly informative times, we have to be wary of becoming too obsessive with heath and food. I do what I can when I'm in my daily living world, but when visiting or traveling I try to be fluid and spontaneous.

As far as my usual eating routine, I do gravitate towards an Ayurvedic diet with lots of produce from my garden. I also will incorporate eggs from my chickens. I feel like an adapted version of Ayurvedic cooking will be on the horizon for healing. It can promote gut healing and help soothe the nervous system.

LT: What drew you to create your skincare line, Shiva Rose?

SR: The skin care line came to me in a kundalini meditation. I had been making my own face oil for years, and about four years ago I realized that women needed healthier relationships to skin care. We can't talk about eating healthy and then slather toxic chemicals on our largest organ. They go hand in hand. All these changes will increase and clear your pineal gland, and thus make your intuition stronger.

LT: Which natural skincare ingredients are your favorite?

SR: I'm on the island of Kauai as I'm writing this, and this is where I discovered kukui nut oil over 15 years ago. This is what the Hawaiian women use to make their skin and hair supple and luxurious. I am in love with the scent and power of saffron. I use this in my Saffron Rose Face Scrub. Saffron can diminish dark spots and help the skin heal. I also am a fan of rose hip seed oil, vitamin c, raw honey, and raw yogurt, and am working with strong vitamins and antioxidants like Astaxanthin.

LT: Do you have any new products you’d like to share with us?

SR: I'm so thrilled to be launching an Ayurvedic hair oil soon called Luster Hair Oil and a divine bath soak with goat milk and amber called Venus Milk Bath. I so love creating new things, so this is my favorite terrain. I also have a small fragrance oil named Lalita in honor of the playful sensuous goddess.

LT: What are your future plans for the Shiva Rose beauty line and The Local Rose?

From the Organic Authority Files

SR: I'm so thrilled to be completing my book. It will be out spring of 2018. I also have a few love projects with some dear sisters in my community. We are working on a sexy lip tint.

While you wait for Shiva’s new book to hit the stands, here are five products to add to your wish list.

Shiva Rose Honey and Nectar Mask

1. Shiva Rose Honey and Nectar Mask

The perfect mask for end of summer. Honey has the ability to heal and soften skin, while reducing the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. Use to restore clarity and suppleness to the complexion.

Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm

2. Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm

We know that balm is a treat for skin that does amazing things year-round. This one contains rosehip oil, nature’s super anti-aging ingredient, and argan oil to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil and shea butter offer healthy hydration. And hydrated skin is happy, glowing skin.

Shiva Rose Radiant Rosewater

3. Shiva Rose Radiant Rosewater

There are so many uses for rosewater. Sure, it can be used as a toner after cleansing. But this product is also great for refreshing skin midday, combining with a facial oil for a hydrating skincare cocktail, and to set makeup. Calming and revitalizing, mist for a radiant glow.

Shiva Rose Rose Face Oil

4. Shiva Rose Rose Face Oil

Want to try the antioxidant-rich kukui nut oil Shiva loves? This face oil contains the super skin soother, plus an assortment of healthy skin oils. Rosehip and sea buckthorn induce glow and balance the complexion.

Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur Deodorant

5. Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur Deodorant

Shiva teamed up with natural deodorant creator Agent Nateur to put her sandalwood and rose-scented spin on this personal care staple. Gentle on skin and smells divine.

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