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Chipotle Supports Sustainable Farming with a Super Long GRAMMY Commercial


The 2012 GRAMMY Awards airing this Sunday, February 12th will be a night of firsts (and not just because Skrillex has 5 nominations). Chipotle, the fast casual Mexican-inspired restaurant chain will run its first national television advertisement during the awards ceremony and the longest commercial to air during a GRAMMY awards ceremony.

Titled "Back to the Start," the commercial garnered international attention when it was released in 2011 via YouTube. Set to a soundtrack featuring 10-time GRAMMY Award-winner Willie Nelson covering Coldplay's "The Scientist." Johnny Kelly directed the stop motion animated film that shows the story of a small farmer who evolves into a modern factory farm before realizing he needs to revert "back to the start" and embrace sustainable farming methods.

In a statement released by Chipotle, founder Steve Ells said, “We have always understood the importance of serving food that is raised right, but that is a difficult thing to communicate with the limitations of traditional advertising. ‘Back to the Start’ tells the story of a farmer’s journey from traditional farming to an industrial food production model, then back to his roots of traditional farming again – a story that tracks closely with some of our suppliers and that demonstrates why we think it is so important to serve food made with ingredients from more sustainable sources.”

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From the Organic Authority Files

Chipotle has 1,100 locations across the U.S. and is the only national food chain with a commitment to sustainable farming practices, purchasing 10 million pounds of produce from local farmers located no more than 350 miles from each Chipotle restaurant.

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