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DIY Holiday Gift Idea #3: Pedicure Gift Set


Though some of us would be reticent to admit, this time of year most could benefit from some extra special foot care. With heaters and high heels, we can be left dry, cracked and foot health left wanting. Putting together a basket of foot nurturing products is the perfect useful gift, with added special points if you make it yourself, all natural and organic.

Start off with our DIY: Salve Saves Dry Feet, an incredibly simple and inexpensive foot cream recipe that you can dress up with your own personal touches. Add the following foot scrub and a pair of organic socks, and you'll be saving the feet of all your loved ones come Christmas. More importantly, come spring and the great unveiling, and we'll all be slipping proudly into our sandals. 

Aromatic Foot Scrub

What You'll Need for one gift basket, multiplying it for the number of people on your list:

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From the Organic Authority Files


  • First, crush your salts using a mortar and pestle (a bowl and wooden spoon will work, albeit a little more difficult and messy), adding them to a bowl
  • Then, mix lemon juice and oils together in a small dish
  • Now, add wet ingredients to the salts
  • Spoon your scrub into a mason jar or other container of your choosing to be added to your gift basket

Arrange your products into a basket or recycled bag and add personalized instructions explaining the purity and love contained within. Your loved ones will feel the effort and thought put into this gift, without you having to put too much effort and thought into creating it, and certainly not a lot of money.

image: Shandi-lee

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