DIY: Salve Saves Dry Feet... And More!


What's the best way to know you're slathering your body's largest and most beautiful (well, arguably so) organ with a healthy, natural product? Our favorite acronym sums it up: DIY! And since fall has dawned it's lovely crisp air upon us, a moisturizer that can keep you supple in simple Do-It-Yourself style will create a prevention or correction plan like no other, all in a couple of easy steps with a couple of natural, emollient ingredients. We're dubbing this the all-purpose lotion, slash moisturizer, slash salve, slash balm, slash cream, slash dry skin vanquisher.

If you're like me - and unfortunately so - fall-turned-winter bestows some bothersome dry heels, sometimes cracked and painful. I've found rubbing this stuff over my distressed dry feet before bedtime, followed by a pair of cotton socks (organic of course) works like a dream. But it's also great all over the body, from the face down to the toes. And this recipe could not be easier, really.

Let us know what you think!


  • 3 Tablespoons bees wax
  • A half cup EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), coconut oil or oil of your choosing
  • A few drops of an essential oil of your choosing (I like lavender) 


  • Melt bees wax on the stovetop and then remove from heat and add the oil.
  • Wisk it up pretty quickly, adding the essential oil.
  • Pour into your favorite jar and allow to harden.

That's it. And it will last forever (by forever, I mean a year). 

This is the perfect base recipe, but feel free to get a little fancier. For ideas about possible additions, check out 8 Great Beauty Uses for Plants. 

image: Helga Weber

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