Does Your Blood Type Influence Your Personality? Find Out What’s In Your Blood

Does Your Blood Type Influence Your Personality? Find Out What's In Your Blood
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Do you know your type? Many people don’t know their blood type personality or even their blood types, especially in Western cultures. But in East Asian countries, particularly Japan, a person’s blood type provides essential insight into their temperament and character.

In Japan, blood types are often listed on online dating profiles and resumes to help potential partners and employers find the best match. Dr. D’Adamo, author of “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” takes it further by theorizing that each blood type has unique dietary and health issues.

Blood type personality may be more superstition than science, but it can be fun to see where you fit in. Don’t know your blood type? Your Japanese friends would be horrified – and you could put yourself in a sticky situation if you ever get injured, especially while traveling. Ask your doctor or order a quick online kit to find out.

Type A

Type As just want everyone to get along. They are kind, responsible, and sensitive – great listeners and excellent friends. Harmonious surroundings, structured schedules, and a supportive community are essential for Type A’s happiness. Patient and organized, Type As are people pleasers. But the dark side of this agreeable blood type personality is an inner turmoil and anxiety that comes from putting other’s needs first. Type As need time to recharge with exercise and stress-reduction strategies. According to D’Adamo, they will often flourish on a vegetarian diet, especially with pure, raw, and organic foods.

Type B

Effortlessly friendly, Type B is your typical people person. Type Bs are in tune with their surroundings and themselves, and often pursue creative passions. Type Bs are often quirky and march to the beat of their own drummers – but this can sometimes be seen as selfish and uncooperative. Some people theorize that this blood type’s root is in nomadic people that roamed the planet. Type B will find it easy to be a vegetarian, and should avoid wheat and corn to keep their metabolism humming. Type Bs can be susceptible to inflammation and auto-immune disorders, but overall they have fewer risk factors for disease than any other blood type.

Type AB

Only 5% of people are Type AB, which is the rarest blood type. And it’s the only blood type that exists because of intermingling instead of evolution. As such, it blends the benefits and challenges of Type A and Type B. Type ABs are calm, cool, and collected – and often known as eccentrics. They are popular and smart – and able to let logic trump emotion when need be. ABs are very open-minded; however this same characteristic can make them wishy-washy when they need to be decisive. According to D’Adamo, ABs tend not to metabolize meats well, storing them as fat instead.

Type O

Type O is the oldest blood type on the planet. Type Os are confident, determined, and optimistic – the classic natural leader. Strong-willed Type Os are often very successful. Stress and workaholism is the downside to this blood type personality. Because Type O is the most ancient blood type, people with this blood thrive on a paleo or keto diet that is higher in fat and protein and lower in carbs. Carbs, especially grain-based carbs, may cause inflammation and are quickly converted into fats for this blood type. Type Os may also be predisposed to thyroids and ulcers due to their high stress levels. Best tip: Take care of yourself with the same determination you use at work.

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