4 Dance-Inspired Workouts to Get that Ballet Body


You’ve probably heard of the “dancer’s body” being the ideal physique that most women not born with one either idealize or perpetually chase. The combination of grace, lean and long muscle, and toned limbs do create an attractive look, but it can also provide health benefits that will improve your over-all well being. And these dance inspired workouts can help you to get that ballet body and boost your health in the process.

1. Ballet Beautiful 

Mary Helen Bowers is the ballet brains behind this operation, which trains the likes of supermodels and prepared Natalie Portman for her role in “Black Swan.” With a studio in NYC, Ballet Beautiful also offers online streaming videos and workout DVD’s so that you can take your ballet practice with you wherever you go!

2. Barre

Barre hit the workout scene big time a few years ago, but is continuing to gain notoriety and popularity across the country. This dance-inspired workout combines elements from both ballet and pilates, offering up a workout that will make your muscles shake and burn. The full body workout tones and tightens your muscles, offering that little lift and lean muscle look that most women are going for. And no need to worry, although a ballet barre is used in most barre classes, simple workout attire and a great attitude are all you need to attend class.

3. VIXEN Workout

Looking for something a little bit more upbeat where you can unleash your inner Beyonc√©? Founded by a former Miami Heat dancer, the VIXEN workout will make you feel like you’re in the club with your girls, while you’re actually burning up to 1,000 calories per workout and sculpting your abs, glutes, and thighs. Set to a club mix playlist and choreographed as a combination of sexy moves, squats, lunges, and ab work, the VIXEN workout is guaranteed to boost your endorphins, self confidence, and physique.

4. BollyX

Maybe you haven’t seen that many Indian Bollywood films, but guaranteed you know that dancing is an essential part of them. The BollyX draws inspiration from the Indian film industry’s choreography and music, offering high intensity workouts that are fun and effective. Each 50-minute session can burn up to 800 calories by utilizing high intensity interval training technique with fast and slow paced dances. BollyX studios have popped up around the nation in over 30 states and 400 locations, so find your closes one to try out this dance inspired workout this holiday season!

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