How to Get Glowing Skin During the Last (Miserable) Days of Winter

Glowing Skin How-To for Winter Weary Complexions (Without Self Tanner!)

Late winter has a way of zapping any remaining glow skin may have held onto since September. And that pale skin seems to enhance every tiny capillary, dark spot, and red area on your face. Thanks, February! March may bring a bit more sunshine and warmer temps (or at least a trip to somewhere that has these things) but your complexion may be maintaining a decidedly winter-weary pallor.

Sure, we need to love ourselves no matter the time of year and … Oh c’mon, we all feel better with radiant, healthy looking skin. You may not have been born with a luminous complexion, but don’t go reaching for the self-tanner or scheduling a visit to the spray tan salon just yet. You probably have what you need for authentically glowing skin in your beauty kit. If not, let’s get you that way.

3 Steps to Glowing Skin, No Self-Tanner Required

1. Slough it off — Regular exfoliation is important year-round, but especially essential in the winter. Dry, cold weather makes skin dry and this means rough skin. That dead skin cell build up is also contributing to your lack luster complexion. Until spring is here, up exfoliation to twice weekly to keep skin smooth and reveal a healthy glow. For tips on the best exfoliants for every skin type, check out our comprehensive exfoliation guide.

2. Glow-inducing oils — Natural oils offer deep down hydration that kicks glow-sapping dryness to the curb. But there are certain oils that also give instant glow. Sea buckthorn oil, and its orange-y hue, is a natural for ramping up the radiance in skin. Swap out your usual facial oil for one that contains this glow-getter, like Kahina Giving Beauty Serum. Or use Odacite A Spring in Tokyo facial oil serum that contains carrot seed and lavandin oils, both glow boosters.

Kahina Giving Beauty Serum
Odacite A Spring in Tokyo

Sea buckthorn works well on body, too. Give wintery skin a jump on the season with Mahalo Skin Care Vacation Glow, a body oil that you can use on dry hair as well. Resuscitates pale skin and makes baring legs a little less scary.

Mahalo  Skin Care Vacation Glow

3. Petal perfect blush — You may not need as much of this skin reviver in the summer, but blush comes in handy this time of year. The key to a natural looking glow is choosing the right product. A cream blush works well on most skin types in the winter because it adds an extra hit of hydration and keeps the skin from looking dry or cakey.

For the most natural look, choose a hue similar to the color of your own skin when you blush. For fair skinned gals, this is usually a light pink shade. Those with warm undertones will look good in a peachy tone. A color that favors almost everyone is a pink-peach. Try Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush stick in Spark, a universally flattering shade that offers sheer, natural looking color.

Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush stick in Spark

If you decide to go the self-tan route, be sure to choose a tanner that is nontoxic. Follow these steps to choosing and using sunless tanner.

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