Go On, Slather Rice Water All Over Your Face and Hair, Seriously

Could Rice Water Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Skin?

What is tightening, softening, and makes skin look young and glowing? Hint: You usually only deal with this stuff if your cooking prep has gone all wrong.

We are talking rice water and it is a big deal in the beauty world right now. Yes, the actual water in which rice has been soaked.

Seems Asian-inspired beauty is having a moment. We are all intrigued by the Korean beauty regimen and beauty teas are on trend. This whole rice water for skin and hair thing may be new to us, but Japanese women have evidentially used it for centuries to clear, moisturize, and tone the skin. It also makes for incredibly soft skin and hair.

Why Use Rice Water on Your Skin?

Youthify Skin – Rice water contains vitamins B1, C, and E, plus minerals which work to shrink pores, brighten, and tighten skin. Its antioxidant properties also help to prevent premature aging.

UV Protection – Rice also contains PABA and ferulic acid which, when combined with the vitamins, offers some sun protection. (Don’t rely solely on rice water for SPF and this only applies if the water is not rinsed off.)

Soothe Dryness and Irritation – Rice water has natural moisturizing abilities and its starchiness helps to soothe inflammation and redness, making it a great option for those with dry eczema.

Clear Acne – Rice water balances oils, which helps with breakouts. Teamed with its skin lightening and sun protection properties, the water can also be good for treating acne scars.

Soft, Shiny Hair – Not just for skin, use rice water on hair for softness and shine. It is also said to help strengthen the hair shaft and protect against split ends.

How to Make Rice Water

Sure, you can purchase natural skincare products made with rice extract. But seriously, rice water for skin and hair can easily be made at home, whether you are a DIYer or not. Easy and much less expensive. Added bonus: Your rice is halfway ready for dinner.

How to Use Rice Water on Skin and Hair

There are many ways to use rice water on skin. The benefits of this simple ingredient work best if the water is left on skin, rather than rinsed away. Use as a cleanser by soaking a cotton pad in the water and massaging into skin, or apply as toner. To treat acne or inflammation, soak a soft cloth in the rice water and leave on face for several minutes. Allow to air dry before applying moisturizer.

As for hair, some use rice water as a shampoo alternative. Especially those going the no ‘poo route. For the rest of us, simply apply rice water to hair post-shampoo and rinse out.

Couldn’t be easier and women are loving rice water for skin and hair. Feel like giving it a try?

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