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Goodebox: A Fun, Easy Way to Discover Effective Natural Beauty Products

May Goodebox

Considering our skin is our body's largest organ absorbing what we apply without much in the way of a filter, many of us have come to realize the importance of making the switch to more natural skincare options. It can be tough (read: feels impossible) to leave behind our reliable moisturizers, hair styling products, concealors, lipsticks, etc... in favor of something a little less packed with potentially harmful ingredients for fear that they just won't work as well. In an ever expanding sea of "natural” beauty products, it can also be a challenge to find products that truly stand up to their claims of being clean and effective without a ton of trial and error and wasted cash. Which eye cream is paraben free and will help with those pesky crows feet? What lip color stays put and isn’t laced with lead? Is there such a thing as pthalate-free fragrance that lasts?

Enter Goodebox, (pronounced 'good' 'box') a new service providing trial sized, healthy and sustainable beauty and wellness products.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Members of Goodebox get to try the best natural and healthy beauty products to see if they're a fit. Products included cover a variety of categories: face care, hair care, body care, make-up, beauty related wellness products and accessories.The brands range from those you might see on the shelves at Whole Foods: Dr. Hauschka, Lavera, Weleda, and EO Products, along with smaller independent and luxury labels like Stark Skincare, Josie Maran Cosmetics, COOLA Suncare, Shamanuti, Kahina Giving Beauty, Vapour Organic Beauty, Tatcha, and Alima Pure, among many others leading the way in the healthy beauty market.

For a $16 per month membership, you receive six or seven trial size products selected for your skin type and tone, hair type, and other preferences, including vegan ingredients. What sets Goodebox apart from other sample box programs is their clean beauty focus, expertly curated selections, and commitment to working with only thoroughly evaluatedbrands using effective, non-toxic ingredients. Presentation is simple, with basic packaging and minimal clutter to reduce waste and keep the focus on the products and brands. In line with their commitment to sustainability is their beauty packaging recycling program with TerraCycle, where members can send in their used beauty products to earn credit towards bonuses.

June Goodebox

Goodebox is an incredibly fun and affordable way to discover healthier beauty products every month. Every product has been tested and approved by natural beauty professional experts including Kristen Arnett and Jessa Blades both for clean ingredients and performance. They separate the fabulous from the, well...meh.

As a member, you get to test out the products before investing in a full size option. And when you do find a fit, you can enjoy an exclusive discount on everything included in each month’s Goodebox, making it pretty easy to recover the membership fee PDQ. Looks like a goode place to start in making the switch to healthier beauty products!

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