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Keep that Healthy Glow: DIY Bronzer


Tis the season to handcraft your own bronzer! As the color from your face fades, one seasonal spice is here to keep you looking sunkissed and healthy.

The makeup industry in all its billions of dollars glory is an egregious effort to make women feel inadequate and quite willing to pour any amount of polluting, toxic ingredients into our own pores in the name of looking a little bit better. Well, we're all for looking our best, especially as the air becomes brisk and sun feels too far away to touch our skin, but here at OA, we're not reaching over for some product likely tested on animals. No. We're using our kitchens to concoct our very own touch of sun. 

Here's how:

DIY Bronzer



Empty makeup case


Essential oil of your choosing

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From the Organic Authority Files



You're bound to have an old makeup case that once held powder or bronzer lying dormant in a drawer. If not, ask around; it should be a snap to locate, clean out and let air dry.

Next, pour both the cinnamon and sugar directly into the case. The ratio of sugar to cinnamon is entirely up to you, depending on how light or dark you prefer your shade.

Mix together the two with a brush (a little paint brush or eyeshadow brush will do).

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, and mix in. This will bond the powders together, while imparting a delicious scent. 

You are now ready to apply and enjoy a simply beautiful, vibrant glow. 


Planet Green

image: Mitya Kuznetsov

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