7 Oh-So-Gentle Natural Baby Care Products That Work

natural baby care

Ever remember your mom and dad saying you were allergic to everything when you were a baby, or hear them reminiscing about that bout of eczema? There’s no doubt that baby skin is incredibly sensitive and should be treated so.

Sadly, a lot of baby care products out there just don’t. They may have words like “kind” and “mild” on the package, but among the ingredients list might be skin irritants such as alcohol and synthetic fragrances. Kind? We think not.

Discover the truly natural baby care that is bucking the trend, and treats delicate baby skin with the nourishing and gentle botanicals it deserves.

7 Natural Baby Care Products That are Kind to Skin

1. Erbaviva Diaper Cream
There’s no shortage of diaper creams out there, so it can be easy to assume they’re pretty much all the same. Unlike a fancy face cream that promises you ten years off the clock (we’ll believe it when we see it), you mainly just need diaper cream to protect and nourish baby’s skin in the gentlest way possible. Erbaviva offers up aloe vera as an excellent skin hydrator, while echinacea heals and rosemary extract goes to work as a natural antiseptic.

natural baby care
natural baby care

2. Naty By Nature Sensitive Wipes 
Ah, baby wipes. Every parent’s humble hero. Got a sticky situation on your hands? And yes, we mean that in the literal sense, too. They will take care of the job in record time, and we all know that is a precious resource when you have young children. Let’s be real though, baby wipes are hardly up to eco-conscious standards. These are the wipes you’ve been waiting for; free from harsh synthetics, alcohol, and parabens, they’re gentle on skin, while the fully compostable 100 % FSC certified wood pulp wipes also makes them a low impact on the environment.

3. Pai Skincare Petit Pai Apple & Mallow Blossom Hair And Body Wash
Two-in-ones equal automatic timesavers, but that’s only a small part of what makes this baby wash a winner. Pai Skincare is well known for its ability to cater to sensitive skin beautifully, so the fairly new baby care range seems like a natural step. Completely fragrance-free, this gel uses only the mildest surfactants to create a gentle lather that will thoroughly cleanse, but still leave hair and skin moisturized. The konjac sponge that’s included will be a welcome addition to any baby bath time thanks to its ability to exfoliate without any harshness to skin.

4. Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder 
Talcum powder may be a staple in most parents’ baby care kits, but there are plenty of safer options out there that still do the trick, minus the controversy. Tapioca starch does the heavy lifting here when it comes to absorbing moisture, while extracts of chamomile, echinacea, and goldenseal provide a soothing touch. This talc-free option may be great for little ones, but that’s not all. Hint hint, dry shampoo!

natural baby care

5. Lina Hanson Global Baby/Sensitive Serum
You’ve got to love a multitasking product that both baby and parent can use! With the majority of the oils in this serum being organic – safflower, apricot, and cucumber seed, just to name a few – you know you’re getting the purest, safest product. Massage onto baby’s skin after a bath, or when it’s just in need of a little extra nourishment. No harm in sneaking a little extra for yourself, right? Being both nut and essential oil free, there’s a minimal risk of highly sensitive skin having any reactions.

natural baby care

6. Zoe Organics Essentials Baby Travel Set 
Say hello to the perfect baby shower gift! Treat the mama to be and the little one to this kit that is not only ultra-handy in times of need, but does the job without compromise. As a new parent, sometimes the last thing there is time for is research, so you’ll be doing the leg work for them in the baby care department, as everything from Zoe Organics is pure and natural baby-focused goodness. Who needs Google when you have friends with eco know-how? The eco canvas pouch is bound to win you extra points, too!

7. Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion
For baby skin that’s in need of a little extra softness, Earth Mama’s classic Angel Baby Lotion with calendula and rooibos is just the thing. Formulated with extra care in mind, this is the perfect treat for gentle skin with none of the nasties. Blended with organic herbal ingredients to moisturize and protect sensitive, delicate skin for babies of all ages – top to bottom, cheeks to cheeks. Warning: may cause an uncontrollable urge to nibble baby toes!

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