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5 Matte Moisturizers for All The Hydration Without the Shine
August 19, 2017
Want to stay shine-free throughout the day? Don't dry out your skin; opt for a natural matte moisturizer with all…
4 Eco Makeup Palettes that are Minimally Chic (Plus How to Make Your Own!)
July 15, 2017
Looking for the best in minimalist and eco-chic makeup palettes? Or ready to try making your own? Either way, we've…
5 Natural Sun Damage Repair Saviors for Sunkissed Skin
July 6, 2017
Up your summer skincare regimen to give skin a dose of sun damage repair with these soothing and regenerating natural…
This One Simple Ingredient Could Save Your Skin!
May 31, 2017
Meet LUMION Life, the new natural skincare line uses science to fight acne and aging all in one, giving you…
This Silicone Toothbrush is a Game Changer
May 25, 2017
Working out the perfect dental care routine for sensitive teeth and gums is tough. We tested the innovative Foreo ISSA…
shimmering body oil
May 19, 2017
Limbs lacking the glow to go into summer? Find your perfect, all natural, shimmering body oil to illuminate your skin…
Switching Your Razor Will Make You Hate Shaving Way Less (Promise)
May 12, 2017
It's time to ditch disposable razors for good. Discover our tips for switching to an eco-friendly razor for a smoother…
Here's How (and Why!) to Ditch Your Face Wash For Honey Cleansing
May 3, 2017
Want to simplify your beauty regime, stop wasting money on skincare, and watch your skin glow? Then it's time to…
beeswax free balm
April 25, 2017
Love natural beauty, but finding it tough to find totally vegan skincare? Check out the beeswax free balms ideal for…
Why You Need Vegan Makeup Brushes in Your Kit
March 28, 2017
Going cruelty-free with your cosmetics? Don't forget the brushes! Check out why you should switch to vegan makeup brushes.