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Obamas to Unveil New Food Pyramid Replacement


More often than not, food comes on a plate, not a pyramid. The Obama administration agrees with this logic and will be doing away with the food pyramid, designed as a nutritional reference for healthy eating, and replacing it with a "plate" wedged out with the basic food groups Americans are advised to be eating daily.

The plate will be unveiled later this week, and will consist of four sections: Fruit, vegetables, grains and protein proportionate to how they should appear on your actual plate at every meal. Next to the plate will be a smaller circle for dairy, according to sources briefed on the updated chart.

Over the past two decades, children around the country—many of whom are now unhealthy adults—have recognized the food pyramid from schools, doctors offices and even on boxed cereals, but it has caused much confusion due to its lack of distinction between healthy foods and their less healthy counterparts (baked potato good, French fries bad). Trying to translate the pyramid's suggestions to a plate of food has proven challenging for a 40-year old let alone a child. Nutritionists have long held disdain for the pyramid's confounding messages, and are welcoming the plate-logic upgrade.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Attention to the health of our nation's children has been the foundation of Michelle Obama's tenure as first lady. Her White House garden was just the first step in her campaign to reverse obesity and diabetes affecting nearly 25 percent of our children. The Let's Move Campaign has also brought more attention to health in schools, and she worked with the USDA to identify areas in the country designated as "food deserts," where access to fresh produce is severely limited.

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