How to Make Your Shave Last Longer

How to Make Your Shave Last Longer

With the waxing movement taking a strong hold (ok, a very strong hold) there are still those of us who prefer to shave. With beach body season coming right up, how to get the most out of your daily razor habit is essential.

A discussion on the subject of hair removal amongst women may leave us razor-bound gals feeling a bit outdated. Yes, I’ll admit it. I like using a razor over getting waxed. And it’s not for lack of trying. There are simply certain benefits a shave gives over getting your follicles ripped out by their tiny little roots.

First off, you don’t have to grow any fuzz out prior to shaving. You can do it every single day. This means you can be ever sleek and hair-free, if you prefer. Secondly, it doesn’t hurt if you do it right. Third, no one else has to be party to your hair elimination process. Yay!

Still, shaving does come with a couple of disadvantages. The main one being the maintenance level. With summer coming, shaving becomes a daily thing for the most part. Legs may be able to go a day or two, but if you like to wear a swimsuit or tank top, pits and bikini area need attention on the regular.

Who wants to shower before hitting the pool or beach? Seems kind of counterproductive, but you have stubble that has to go before baring your beach bod. Enter the dry shave, right? Wrong! A quickie with a dry razor before you head out the door may seem like a great idea, until you get there with bright red bumps in tow.

What you need is a way to go longer between shaving. Obvi, it’s not going to go the distance of a wax, but you can get more hang time out of your shave.

How to Make Your Shave Last Longer

Exfoliate. Think shaving is exfoliating enough? Sloughing dead skin cells pre-shave helps lift hair follicles and lets the razor get closer to skin. Try Earth Tu Face Dead Sea Salt Scrub and give cellulite the slip while you’re at it.

Shampoo first. Give your body hair a chance to soften by making shaving the last thing you do in the shower.

Proper product. While you don’t necessarily need a shaving cream to get the job done, a moisturizing product is key. Zoe Organics Bath Wash is a super gentle foaming soap made with organic oils.

The right razor. I learned years ago that men use better razors than women. Why? Probably because they are shaving their sensitive faces. Also, men tend to be lower maintenance and go for quality over pretty packaging, so… This C.O. Bigelow has that old school look and feel but holds Gillette Mach 3 razors.

Never dull. Possibly the biggest mistake we make when shaving is using a dull razor. Not only do they deliver a less than close shave, but this is one cause of the dreaded razor bumps. Switch it out for a fresh razor every week and a half to two weeks.

Time for tough spots. Knees and ankles are tricky. Take your time on these hard to shave areas and use a light touch, letting your razor do the work.

Moisturize. Now don’t go letting your skin get dry and flaky. Make the most of your beautifully smooth skin with a sweet body oil.

Follow these tips on how to make your shave last longer and you’ll be beach ready in no time. No red bumps or pre-beach showers involved.

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