Personalized Beauty Takes Your Makeup to a Whole New Level (How to DIY)

Personalized Beauty Takes Your Makeup to a Whole New Level (Find out How to DIY)

Still haven’t found the perfect shade of foundation for your skin? The eye shadow that looks killer on your best friend not quite right on you? Or maybe you are searching for that ever elusive just-right lip shade. All you need is some DIY know-how to your very own personalized beauty.

How often has this happened: You see an exciting new makeup item in a magazine, department store, on your co-worker. You purchase said product for yourself. Product looks too bright, bland, or just plain off on your skin. What the heck is going on?

Makeup is like fashion. What works on one may not be right on another. Still, how does that woman in the juice shop get her skin to glow like that day after day? It could be her green juice but, she may also be creating her own custom makeup blends.

Personalizing your beauty products not only ramps up your daily use items, but makes them unique and custom built for you. It’s also a great way to salvage a beauty buy you don’t exactly love, or match your lip color to your favorite new nail polish.

Here’s how personalized beauty works: You use your current makeup, the stuff you use each and every day, but you give it a boost with other makeup products. Forget heavy contouring, layering, or perpetually searching for that new product. Likely, all you need is a few essentials.

How to DIY Personalized Beauty

Fixing Foundation: Foundation is tricky. You’ve read all about choosing the right shade for your skin tone and skin type. You have the right tools and application down to a science. It covers and evens. What it doesn’t do is give that J Lo glow you are looking for, right? What you need is highlighter. Blend a bit (just a dab on the tip of your finger) with your foundation before applying to skin. Apply as usual. Stand back and bask in the glow that is your complexion. RMS Living Luminizer works best on lighter skin tones, Kjaer Weis Radiance is perfect for medium or darker skin tones.

Custom Skin Tone: Ok, so maybe you haven’t found the right shade of foundation for your skin. Sometimes it is tricky. If you feel you fall somewhere between two shades, don’t be afraid to meld the two together. Sometimes a bit of custom mixology is all it takes.

Eye Popping Color: Whether you are going for sultry or bright, custom eye shadow is easy and lends a whole new look to the face. Cream shadows are best for blending. Choose your two faves and go for it. Again, adding a little luminzer brightens your look. If you are truly more of a powder gal, combine two (or more!) Haut Cosmetics loose minerals in a separate container and give a shake.

Lippy Cocktail: Two is almost always better than one where lip products are concerned. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I used a lip product solo. There are so many ways to go here, it kind of depends on your mood. For daily use, it is hard to beat a good lip balm/gloss combo. Balm keeps lips hydrated and soft, and somehow manages to keep lip gloss in place. Balm is also great worn under lipstick for a softer feel and less dramatic look. Then there is the lip crayon worn under gloss technique for shiny, rich color. Or try patting luminizer over your lip color for a hit of sheen. The possibilities are endless.

Skin and Hair Medley: Personalized beauty doesn’t only apply to makeup. A drop of two of facial oil added to your daily moisturizer means you don’t have to buy a new product for dry weather. Yarok Feed Your Ends leave in conditioner and Feed Your Shine serum play nicely together for soft, shiny hair.

Play around with customizing your own shades and product combos. Add in a few new essentials and have some fun with it. You’ll end up with custom beauty all your own. And probably never go back to single tone products again.

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