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Raw Food Detox Journal - Day 48

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Dear Fellow Organic Folk, Raw Foodies and “just-trying-to-do-my-damn-best-thank-you-very-much��� people,

I’ve been on a journey of healing since June 1 of 2006. And I’m using raw food as my primary medicine. Having suffered from chronic pain due to one herniated disk and two ruptured disks, paecillomyces variotti (a nasty mold) in my lungs, asthma, chronic sinusitis, allergies, depression, hypothyroidism, anemia and finally, reflux disease (probably from all the damn prescription meds I was on), for years with no recovery from western medicine techniques, I was determined to take control of my health. I read like a fiend about all my issues and came upon raw food (trust me, a last resort) as a path to recovery.

Since then I’ve continued on the raw food path. It does take work to maintain this lifestyle – and it IS a completely different lifestyle. But for the most part, I still do well enough for most of my friends and family -- who eat a typical American diet -- to marvel at my discipline. My diet is about 50 to 70% raw. I don’t worry about percentages, though. I don’t count calories or work to avoid carbs, either. I just eat a wide variety of fresh food that literally vibrates with what raw food guru Gabriel Cousins calls “life force energy.”

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From the Organic Authority Files

How am I doing? Much better, thank you. I’ve lost 30 pounds, which has stayed off with no real effort. My energy’s like it was 15 years ago and I actually exercise now. I usually juice fresh veggies and fruits in the mornings. Eat some type of salad (everything from strawberries to artichoke hearts) for lunch and usually something steamed or cooked for dinner. I eat lost of seeds and nuts and supplement with B-12 (vegetarians can’t get it from their diets) and other vitamins, herbs and nutrients. For treats, I enjoy fruit and hemp protein smooties, dried fruits that I dry at home, Lara Bars (lovely fruit and nut bars you can get at most health food stores), homemade raw cookies (cooking at low temperatures does not kill the enzymes and other nutrients that are lost at high temps) and once in a while, chocolate and coconut raw ice creams made in the blender.

I felt a bit longer intro than usual was needed this time, since the day I am about to post, July 18, 2006, was a particularly hard one. Yes, I went through a hellish 8 week detox. And, it was worth it. I strongly encourage an organic, raw food diet. Not only is it absolutely the healthiest diet in the world, but it is the one that is most loving and supportive of our planet.

July 18, 2006

Tuesday. Worst day yet, physically. How many days has it been? 48 days. It seems I am just feeling worse and worse. I hurt ALL over. Having PMS; cramps, back ache, etc., certainly does not help. Second day in a row that I slept really late. I wake, but feel so shitty, I have to go back to sleep. My stomach is the worst. No matter what food I put in it, it didn’t like it. I was so weak this a.m. I ate an egg. Helped a little. I am not eating much. Probably not enough. When my stomach feels the way it has for the past two days, I just don’t want to put anything down there. Going to a new colonic therapist the Friday. She’s closer to me than the other one.

What I ate: 1 egg (didn’t juice this morning); around 4pm; a small salad w/ avac, tom, nuts, carrots, sprouts, few ounces of seeds, around 9:30pm I had a banana/choc shake in goat’s milk. That’s it. Broke down and took a Nexium last night. Gawd, I hope tomorrow’s better.

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