Raw Food Detox Diet - Day 62


Nov. 30, 2007

Hello fellow organic, healthy wannabe people! (And I mean that in a good way…)

On July 1st last year, I made a paradigm shifting, literal gut wrenching (I'm talking big, here) change. It included adopting an 80% raw food diet. I began a journal detailing the experience. Day 62 of this experience follows...

Aug. 1, 2006

It’s weird to keep running out of steam like this on a daily basis. This is the time of year when I usually feel my best. I’ve upped my protein and amino acids, have been doing my daily (or almost daily) yoga routine and swimming, eating tons of organic raw food, drinking aloe vera like it’s going out of style, seeing a napropath, a chiro, and a hydo-colon-whatever-ist to boot. Jeez, I don’t know what else to do! It’s frustrating. Well, at least those little red pimples on my forehead cleared up – finally. This means a certain stage of detox has been cleared. Yea. Now if I could just stop dragging my butt!

From the Organic Authority Files


I got over the afternoon slump more quickly today than before. And it didn’t require a nap, allowing me to actually accomplish a few more things.

Just got through eating dinner, which is the only meal of the day I sometimes cook--usually by lightly steaming veggies. I steamed the following together; fresh, organic farmer’s market red okra (I have a rule that whenever I go shopping I buy one thing I’ve never had and this was definitely it), some lovely cherry sungold tomatoes, a half a sweet onion and a little fresh-from-the-porch basil and sea salt thrown in. Explosion of taste! Diggin’ eating this way! And this took five minutes. (A fancy-schmancy chef I’m not; I just love eating good looking, fantastic tasting, fresh, alive food!)

So I threw it all in my wonderful, little 4-cup steamer that cost me $9.99 from Walgreens. Took two minutes to stir up some cornbread mix (organic, naturally), another two to zap some leftover beans and brown rice I froze a month back and - walah! - a lovely little dinner was prepared. My spech-ee-al-i-tee (as my granma used to say) is speed in the kitchen. My sister, who delights in taking the long way of doing most everything (which is cool, as long as you aren’t the one waiting for the shower when you’re fourteen) is always amazed when I make her a tasty, fresh, organic meal in 30 minutes or less.

One of the best things about my new lifestyle of eating raw is the fresh herbs. It’s true, they’re worlds away from dried up herbs. I’ll never use those again. It’s easy to pick up a handful at the farmer’s market or health store (or heck - nowadays, Target). And my own little herb garden is growing. It makes me happy to eat this way.

But the energy thing still bothers me. I am going to get blood work done to see what the hell is going on. Not a bad idea if you are going to go the raw route, anyway.

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