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Raw Food Detox Journal - Day 96

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February, 12, 2008

A quick update before we get to day 96: I've been mostly raw now for over a year and a half--and I love it! I eat a mostly vegan diet, with no meat. Many of the physical problems I still struggled with on day 96 are completely gone now. I discovered Univera products last year, which gave me the gift of energy. I get so much done now! The raw food was critical to my healing, helped me shed the poundage, but I also needed supplementation to really gain a whole picture of radiant health. And the benefits continue to come. Rock on, raw foodies!

September 5, 2006,

Well, it’s been just over 3 months now on this new path. Most of the big changes I’ve put into effect have stuck. I’m still not 100 percent raw, but I am not worried about that. Shoot. Mainly, I’m just dang proud of myself!

The physical/emotional update: I’m done detoxing for the most part. My GERD (or reflux; previously known as heartburn--lol) has almost completely healed; no more terrible cramping or gas. Hallelujah. I think the friendly flora capsules have helped with that. I’ve lost 15 pounds (10 or 15 more to go). My skin looks better every day. Although it was a roller coaster ride there for a while, my moods are leveling out. Pretty durn good progress, I’d say.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Not everything physically going on with me is great yet, by any means. I continue to struggle with energy and difficulty breathing. It’s the mold in my lungs I’ve mentioned before, and the asthma it induced. I don’t know if my lungs will completely heal until I get treatment for the mold -- and for my ancient house -- or move out. But, I’m not coughing my guts out anymore. Man, if someone as sick as I was can do as well as I’m doing now in only 3 months, the average Joe (or Joetta) with no serious health complications is going to soar on this raw journey in no time!

Diet update: I’m eating mostly organic food – 70 to 80% raw. No “non-foods” or things from boxes (I just can’t imagine eating that crap again). I enjoy juicing greens (with a little added fruit) most mornings. I know there’s more I can do to feel better. I mean, I’m not a vegetarian yet. I cook meat about twice a week - always organic, free range chicken or wild-caught fish. As for dairy, I do goat cheese and eggs maybe twice a week, and on special occasions, sugarless, organic yogurt (I add Stevia and organic vanilla - ohmygod, is it good).

Sugar. Awww, sugar! (remember that song?). Well, it is no longer the cruel overlord in my life. I do occasionally imbibe, but I eat much less now. Usually, it’s a little honey here or dried fruit there. My taste buds really pick up the sweet in foods now. I don’t miss intense sugar hits at all. In fact, diet coke sucks for me now (thank you god for small miracles). I drink only water, fresh, raw juice and occasionally, organic tea. I really can't believe it. All this from the person who calls discipline the "D" word!!

Here's a wild one for me - I actually sprout my own alfalfa sprouts (they last a lot longer than store bought, tastier, too). Also, I’ve purchased a dehydrator, a mandoline, a small food processor, and some good knives (half price at I still lust for a Vita-mix, though…

I spend more time preparing food,and I cook about once or twice a week. These are acts of self-love that I find truly fulfilling--most days. I prepare my son’s school lunches, too. I let him help me make choices, both in the health food store and while putting it together. That helps. We’ve marveled many times together about how organic foods taste so much better than their non-organic counterparts. The first day of school he came home with a “get to know you” assignment that had a blank for favorite food. He wrote, “orgnic.”

I must be doing something right.

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